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[COMMISSIONS] Looking for Work - Short fictional stories, horror welcome!


Eat the other half of me
I'm an experienced amateur writer and I'm dipping my toes into selling my writing. Something I've been wanting to do for a long time and since I am new to selling my writing, my stories are cheap but also short! You can expect about 2500 words or less from me. I will try and have your story done within a week, but will contact you if it takes longer!

I have very few limits on what I will write, so feel free to send me your NSFW commissions.
My absolute hard limits are non-con and stuff involving minors/cubs!!
Please contact me beforehand if you're looking for fetish content. While I have few limits, I will still reserve the right to say no to anything I don't feel comfortable with.
Horror content such as gore and vore is very welcome!

You can find all of my commission information as well as examples of my writing here!