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Commissions meow! :3

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[/align]*waves* Hiya! X3 I'm Yolin and it's my first time trying to do art commissions. I was surfing around and found this forum.. so I'm making a shameless ad for my commissions.. o o *dies*

What I can draw
I can draw anthro's, quad and human/humanized characters, fan-art, fan-characters.

What I cannot draw/will not draw
Robots, machines, extreme detailed backgrounds, complicated buildings, super detailed characters, super muscled characters @_@, porn (the closest I come to that are indications or covered up bodies... ^^; )

Commission types/ Price list

Hand drawn art:
Sketch – $4 to $8 (background included)  Example  ExampleExample
Line art - $4 to $8 (no background included)  Example  Example  

Digital drawn art:
Line art digital - $8 to 12 (no background included)  Example  Example
Solid colored art - $10 to $15 (no background included)  Example  Example  Example
Painted colored art - $15 to $25 (background included)  Example  Example  Example

+ A background: $2 to $5 (same price for all type of commissions)

Hand drawn +
+ An extra character sketch: $2 to $4
+ An extra character line art: $2 to $4

Digital drawn +
+ An extra character line art: $3 to $6
+ An extra character solid: $4 to $7
+ An extra character painted: $5 to $8

- I only accept Paypal payments and I'll start drawing once I recieved the payment.
- (For solid/painty/inked art) I can show the sketch if you like, just mention it in your mail. ^^
- If you're interested in commishing me you can send me an e-mail (admin@fluffykit.com) or send me a note on Furaffinity/Deviantart. (more details can be found on the com. info. page)

More commission information/examples can be found here: commission information - Furaffinity page - DA page
Not open for further replies.