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(Commission) Selling: commissions open $10 - $50 SFW & ARTISTIC NUDITY


Heya! Name's Ash. Thanks for taking a look.​

Well, I like drawing and I'm bad at speaking? Mostly because I'm afraid to write in English ; u ; I'm trying guys I'm trying.

Discord: ashwoodoff#1671

FA profile with art examples.
TH commission info with hoomans & some bgs

My prices are:
Portrait: $10
Halfbody: $30 + $30 for complex background
Fullbody: $50 +$50 for complex background
Cartoony ref: $35 (like this one)

I do commissions digitally (but if you want traditional art I'll gladly do it for you). I can do more or less stylized art, so you'll need to specify what would you prefer ;з And yeah, I do mostly SFW art, my max is artistic nudityTM. At least for now.

Check my gallery for fresh examples of my art & you can also check my toyhouse commission info for examples of human art + there's some stuff with backgrounds. You can always note me and ask for more examples, I do a lot of traditional sketches I don't post, there are some buff guys art etc.

How to order
▸ Note me here on FA or on discord ashwoodoff#1671 or just leave a comment here!
▸ Provide a clear reference of the character. I do not accept written descriptions.
▸ Additional character +75%
▸ I reserve my rights to decline a comission.
▸ I accept Paypal directly or ko-fi, also Payoneer is possible.

▸ I have the right to cancel the comission and refund the money at any time.
▸ Refunds are only available only until the very first sketch I send to you.

▸ Once the payment is done, I'll start working as soon as I can.
▸ You can have access to lots of wips of my work, I usually send them as I advance on it so you can tell me if you want to modify something.
▸ Turnaround time may vary depending on how busy I am, but it usually takes from a week to a couple of month.

▸ Clients are allowed to use the produced drawing as long as I am credited for the work.
▸ If you don't feel comfortable with me posting the drawing you bought from me, please, let me know.


I really like this piece, so I'll just leave it here.

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