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Hewwo! I’m opening commissions to help support me and my dreams and such! If you’re interested please shoot me an email right here: micheal.anarchy@gmail.com

If you would like to see more examples of my work you can check out my IG that I update sparsely over HERE (contains graphic images of death)

Things I WILL draw:

  • Nudity/NSFW
  • Gore/blood/violence
  • Fursona’s/animals
  • DnD characters
Things I WILL NOT draw:

  • Depictions of real people in sexual situations they can not/do not consent to
  • Hateful imagery denouncing a person/people/race/ect
  • Another persons art but “change this thing” “with this added” “this different”
  • Complex backgrounds
I also reserve the right to turn down any commission that I don’t feel comfortable with doing for any not mentioned reasons, or that I don’t feel I can pull of confidently.

I am okay with MOST things so don’t be shy and come tell me what you want!! Also; prices are negotiable and fluid. If I feel a commission is too easy or too complicated I may ask for less/more but you will always get a definite quote before I start your drawing.

EDIT: I almost forgot! If you cant afford a drawing or just plain don’t want one you can buy me a KO-FI right here!