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Commissions open! ($20-$75 range)


Just a gal who's also a bat
Hey folks! I'm still kinda new to the community, but I'm trying to get some more art practice in and wanted to open up my commissions to make connections and diversify my art a bit! My basic pricing info is in the pic below, but all prices are negotiable and I'm totally down to talk with you about what you want and what your budget looks like vs what price I think is fair. I do accept both NSFW and SFW commissions, though I do have some basic boundaries on stuff I won't draw (e.g. no excessive gore, no bodily waste, nothing illegal, etc). If you'd like to look at what works I've completed recently, you can check out my furaffinity page and/or my deviantart, which are both listed in my profile! Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for reading!