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Commissions Open! $5-$48 USD (Chibi, headshot, halfbody, fullbody, pixels, icons)


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Commissions are a collaboration piece between the commissioner and artist. My job is to bring your ideas to life. However, there are some things that are outside of my comfort zone. I will not draw NSFW, but I will draw mature themes (I do not have much practice with this, so a photo reference will be very helpful). If you don't have much to say, I will do my best to be creative with your character or idea.

I prefer to receive payment via PayPal. I will message you the details once the commission is confirmed.

I will draw most species, but I cannot guarantee consistent quality for certain ones. I have a decent amount of experience drawing feral, anthro, felines, canines, dutch angel dragons, and rodents such as rabbits. I have a little bit of experience with humans, birds, equines, other rodents, and a few other animal species. If you want to know if I will draw yours, don't be afraid to ask.

Pixels and Icons:
Icons (25x25 px or 50x50 px) will most likely be headshot prices, and pixels will be the respective commission (ie. if you want a chibi pixel, the prices will be the same but I will draw in a pixel style). The image size is up to you, so you can give me a general guideline or maximum size. I have a folder for pixel examples here.

Please fill out and message me this form when requesting a commission.
This form is for a quote, though I will likely not stray from the commission chart unless your character has a lot of complex clothing and accessories.

Name or username:
Character name:
Character reference sheet:
Type of commission (chibi, half-body, etc.):
Flat color, airbrush, or cel-shading:
Transparent, solid color, or simple background:
May I post your commission publicly (Fur Affinity, other social media, commission examples, portfolio)?
Would you like additional files (other than .png or .jpeg)? If so, what type? (.sai, .psd, . ai, .pdf)
Anything else you want me to know? (Character expression, personality, overall feeling of the piece, pose, photo reference, background, etc.)?
commission info 5$.png
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