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(Commission) Selling: Commissions Open (5$ to 55$)


Hello! I'm opening commissions because I want to get better at drawing characters, so I hope you'll consider to commission me so I can get better and do more stuff in the future!
I'm still really shy about posting my art online

My profile in FA; CokeCoke

Chibi: 5$
Portrait: 10$
Bust: 15$
Half Body: 20$
Full Body: 25$
Full Illustration: 40$
With background I'll charge according to the complexity you'll ask, so the price can go higher than 40$.

How to order:
I'd prefer to contact you via email, but you can contact me in DM here or in FA.
-Only payment via Paypal and upfront.
-I'll send you 3 WIPS:
1- With the sketch - lineart, so I'll make sure your character looks the same
2- With the base colours, so I'll make sure the colours are ok
3- WIP in case I'm taking too long so you'll see I didn't abandon it

-No refunds once the drawing is completely delivered.
-You can use my art as you like, even you don't need to give me credit because I want to be discrete if you're going to use it on your social media OUTSIDE of FA.
-References are required, with colour, even if its only a palette.
-Please, be patient with me if I don't understand the references or something, I have some social anxiety and this is difficult for me but I'm trying to do my best and give you the best service I can