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Commissions OPEN! and YCH fix price


New Member
Hey! I open commissions
You can contact me in discord - humanlost7 or dm
Examples my artwork

And YCH fix price 35 $

✦Payment via PayPal only.
✦Please pay within 48 hours after I confirmed your order.
✦I will start working on your order after the payment has been received.
✦And I will send you the raw sketch first, and tell me if there are any changes, after that I'll work on the rest.
✦ Your order should be finished within 1-2 weeks, depends on the difficulty, but I will try to be as fast as i can
✦You can use the final artwork for any PERSONAL USE only
If you have any character references/styles/pose you'd like, do send them to me
High resolution result will be shared through any prefered file sharing websites