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Lazy Traditional Artist


- head/bust shots for 5$
- half body for 7$
- 3/4 body for 10$
- full body for 13$

- head/bust shot for 8$ (simple color background +2$)
- half body for 13$ (simple color background +4$)
- 3/4 body for 16$ (simple color background +5$)
- Full body for 18$ (simple color background +6$)

(Flat colors with Markers and Prismacolors pencils)
- head/bust shot for 12$ (simple color background +2$)
- half body for 16$ (simple color background +4$)
- 3/4 body for 22$ (simple color background +5$)
- full body for 26$ (simple color background +6$)

If you are interested pm me and we'll talk about details.
Feel free to ask questions
*NSFW +!0$

Payment only by Paypal

1.I reserve the right to decline a commission.
2.If something happens that won’t let me finish your commission you’ll receive a partial or full refund.
3.You can request a refund but it has to balance how much work I’ve done so far plus how much art supplies I’ve consumed.
4.I reserve the right to share the finished work on every social media and art sharing site.

A finished piece takes on average between two to four days. I will provide updates every time I finish a step.
You can request updates once every 24 hours from the last message you sent me.
You’re allowed to request changes only during the sketch phase.
Payment must be sent fully before I start working.

I can draw anthro, feral, pokemon, mecha any species and gender.
I don’t draw humans, gore, vore, weird kinks I may be uncomfortable with.
For anything else not included in the list DM me for more details.