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(Commission) Selling: Commissions Open! - Toony, Semi realistic(exepermental), Chibi - Prices are 9$ and up


Examples: Artwork Gallery for AngelTheWolf333 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net



Half Body:

Full Body:

Chibi Prices





Digital Badge:
Badges come with your characters name either below, above, or next to the piece.
Their price is still the same, I.E a headshot badge is 15$
I do not offer badges as sketches only.
all refsheets are flat colored and come with a background of your choice.

Feral Refsheets: 30$-35$
For feral ref sheets I only offer Left and right side views,a pelt view, expressions, accessories, and information
Expressions are 10$ each

Anthro Refsheets: 35$ - 40$
For anthro ref sheets offer Front, Back, and Side views, expressions, accessories, information, and a feral view
Expressions are 10$ each
Feral view is 12$

I am not great at clothes but I will attempt them upon request

Animated icons

Animated icons are 30$ simply because I hate doing them, they are only 2 frames but they are very tedious
If you wish to add more frames, each frame is 6$ each


Telegram Stickers

telegram stickers are only in headshots, busts, and half bodies. By default they are headshots, to add a half body its 10$, but I have prices incase you want a full sheet of half bodies.

Head shots:
5 for 6$
10 for 15$
20 for 26$
Add a half body, 10$ per

All Half Body:

5 for 10$
10 for 20$
20 for 30$

emojis are only headshots or busts, no half bodies or full bodies. By default they are headshots, it cost 5$ per bust emoji. They can be used on discord, telegram, ect.

Standard Sheets

Full sheet - 20 emojis - 25$
Half Sheet - 10 emojis - 15$
Add a bust, 5$ per

All busts: If want all your emojis to be busts
Full sheet - 20 emojis - 35$
Half Sheet - 10 emojis - 20$

Backgrounds: Simple backgrounds consisting of only Colors (one or more) are free. Complex backgrounds that have been Hand drawn, shaded, ect, are 5$

Shading: Shading on characters is Free.

Extra characters: Extra characters cost anywhere from 10$ to 25$ depending on the type of piece you ordered.

Want something not listed here? thats a special commission!

special commissions are just things not listed on here, I price them at whatever I feel right, examples are logos, ads, ect.
I will take on almost any project because I wanna try everything atleast once! so even if it isnt listed, shoot me a message and I will see what I can do!

Things to note:

.Pricing is based on how much work goes into the piece.
.Complex characters may be declined or simply run up the price.
.I am completely willing to try something I have never attempted before, in the event the piece comes out bad, I will compensate with free art or a discount on your next piece, your choice! Experimental pieces may also be discounted.

Things I CAN do:
.Almost any other animal thats similar to those
.Toony art
.Gore/Candy Gore
.Custom characters/custom adopts for 5$-20$ each depending
.Hand drawn backgrounds

Things I CAN'T do:
.Realism/Realistic art
.NSFW - expect boobs, I will draw those, just not other stuff because i'm not good at it
.Complex designs

Things I Am NOT Good At But WILL Try:

.Birds, Frogs, Lizards
.Robotic characters
.Semi Realistic - I am not great at it but I will try if you'd like

Rules and TOS
.You may ask for WIP pictures, but dont badger me constantly for them.
.I do not wish to do rush orders, if you want me to rush however I will accept a rush fee of atleast $10. This will put your commission to the top and make sure it gets done first and as fast as possible whilst still being of quality, however I already work fairly fast, getting most commissions done within the same day I take them.
.Chargebacks arent allowed. if you charge back i will block you and you may not commission me again.
.I don't do refunds. If you are unhappy with your piece, let me know and I will work with you to fix the piece to your liking.
.If you wish to change something after you pay, please let me know and we will work something out, but please note if I have already finished the piece and its been paid for, no large changes can be made without a fee, however very small changes are free.
.I will not take very complex characters
.I will take most animals and all simple designs
.I require a refsheet. Front, Back, and Side of the character shown, or at the very least either a mock up or a very detailed description.
.I will only start after you have paid me in full
.Feel free to repost my art anywhere you like as long as you credit me.
.You are not allowed to remove my signature
.There may be other things I forgot, and these are also subject to change, so please keep checking back every so often!

How to commission me:
Note me to commission me. Tell me what you want and include a refsheet, i will reply as soon as I see it.
I use paypal for payment

If you would like, here is a template to make things easier:
Refsheet: (post your refsheet, your mock up, or your description here)
Description of what you want: I.E head shot? full body? front or side view? do you want any certain poses or expressions? Do you want shading? Do you want a background? Which direction do you want your character facing?
After I am finished with the piece, I will send you the file, both a PNG and a PSD if you'd like!
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