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Dragoness, Comms Open!
Hey guys so I need a little help trying to make some extra cash on the side while I am currently unemployed looking for a job. Need to help out with bills and were low on food and what not because of it. Just trying to get my name out there is all! :)

I'll pretty much draw anything but some stuff I won't allow like scat and core and weird things like that. But just ask me the worst I can say is no I don't bite! Also haven't posted here in forever so hope I did it right.

  • Now the first section is my specials I used to have a lot of interested customers with those so I'm going to start doing them again. It consists of one character and one color of your choice and I will shade it with a darker or lighter version of the color chosen.
  • The second is the Lineart extra characters might be a $5 charge but if it's a simple character I might let it slide ;)
  • The third is just the Lineart and flat colors.
  • The fourth is the completed photo if you want a very detailed background I will charge another $5 since backgrounds are the hardest to me. I have a variety of different styles in my gallery so feel free to take a look!
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