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Commissions Open


New Member
Commissions are open now!


Note that:
-Paypal Only!
-Payment in USD Only!
-Payment in advance! It's standard procedure to commissions
- Either SFW and NSFW are okay!

The price may rise, depending on extreme circumstances (background and character detail, radical changes, etc.)

References are encouraged, it make my work easier and your commission better!

You'll receive the progress (thumbnails, sketches, etc) periodically. That way, you can request any changes at will; big changes will be charged, though.

If you want it private, tell me and I won't post it anywhere!

The final image won't be edited.

CONTACT ME ON THE NOTES, OR AT MY E-MAIL: feliscede[at]hotmail.com

I'll make:

- Any creature of any species.
- Gore to a level.

I won't make:

- Offensive subjects.
- Grotesque gore and extreme fetishes.


- I'm okay with most subjects (although I don't recognise all; please tell me about them)
- Any Sexuality is okay.


Underage and rape are offensive subjects

Paypal and E-mail: