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I’m opening up some commissions on here just in time for the holidays!
3 slots are available for each commission style. you can comment here, message me, or email me at hello@jrzuckerberg.com to inquire!​
additional TOS:​
-you are welcome to share/repost any work I create, but please be sure to credit/link to one of my platforms​
-i will begin your commission upon receiving payment and will share progress upon request.​
-turnarounds for icons and badges will be within a week, turnarounds for larger pieces can vary from 1-2 weeks​
-I will draw: NSFW for 18+, any species, dnd characters, human characters, gore, fan art​
-in regards to NSFW, I may charge an increased rate depending on pose complexity/number of characters. I will not draw under ANY circumstances: underage characters, anything stigmatizing in regards to trans identities
here are my samples!