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(Commission) Selling: Commissions Open!


Casual Cryptid
Hello! My name is Ned, my FurAffinity is Laikaslaststand ! I have commissions open, furry or non, but furry art is generally easier for me. Here are some graphics for it!



Shoulder Up: $10

Waist Up: $13

Full Body (Animal/Anthro Only!): $15

Both of these come with a simple background, or transparent (or both? if youd like both files). This could be a simple color of your choosing with a few like paint splatters or other texture, or a pride flag if you’d like. We can discuss! I can also add little additional items for freesies, up to 2 I think. Like a bow and arrow, or maybe a little shoulder pet?

Detailed backgrounds and extra characters will be additional- the background depends on complexity.

Detailed Background: +$3 to $7 dollars

Additional Characters, Up to 2: +½ the base price per character

Can Draw:

- OCs- I love them! D&D, fandom ocs, game characters, we can work somethin out!

- Animals! I especially love drawing Warrior Cats if you would like me to. This extends to anthro as well.

- Fandom things! I’d prefer to stick with fandoms I’m familiar with, but if you don’t mind infodumping at me about others, I can branch out.

Won’t Draw:

- NSFW - I’m sorry, I’m just not personally comfortable looking up reference, and I’m not going to charge anyone real money for something I’m not sure I’ll be able to draw proper.

- Mecha - Same reason, I’m not confident in my ability to deliver.

- Real People, celebrities, etc.

- Non- OC ships. This is negotiable, we can talk.

Please message me with any questions or inquiries! I'm newer to this community, and I'd love to draw people's ocs!