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Commissions (Selling) - Colored and Shaded Character Art with Frame and Abstract Background [Starting @ $60]


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Hi there, all!

Sorry that this isn't the most polished of posts. I've been doing art entirely for fun until... well, quite literally right now! Sudden financial stress has me doing this before I had time to get every one of my ducks in a row, so I don't have much of a variety with my commission samples at the moment. To be perfectly honest, I'm literally brand-new to this community because I've been told that it's a good place for artists who do the kind of work I'm good at to find reliable work, so I apologize that my FA account is as bare-bones as it gets. It'll get much better soon!

I hope what I do have on display shows enough of my skills to inspire confidence in hiring me!

I'm doing busts, half-body, and full-body pieces of character art that come with a frame and abstract background, like so:




Here's a link to my Commission Submission form; it includes all the details of what you can order, prices, payment info, and my ToS.

Here's a link to an Imgur gallery that has a larger variety of my work in it. The majority is unpolished made-for-fun work, but I tried to make sure the variety gave a good idea of my artistic flexibility. I can work with pretty much any character design!

I'm set on doing commissions as my full-time job--I'm a stay-at-home spouse and not traditionally employed, and have already planned out my 'business hours' as outlined in the aforementioned form. Given the amount of 'free time' I have (which is technically now 'work time',) I get work done fast!

You'll notice in my ToS I state, "Within 30 business hours of your form submission I will contact you via e-mail." This is because I work on a first-come, first-served basis, and unless I end up inundated with customers and have to change it over to a slot-based system (I hope to be so lucky!) this provides me ample time to complete in-progress commissions before contacting customers about new ones.

If you're interested in commissioning me, please contact me via discord, e-mail, or this site's notes.
✧・゚:* Thanks for checking out my post, and have a lovely day! *:・゚✧
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