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Kitty Magoo Art

New Member

*If you wish to commission me then reach me through PM or my email which is snowflakemagoo@gmail.com

*As of right now I am opening 3 slots since I want to see how much I can handle even though I have a Monday - Friday job as well as Graduate School in the summer. I may be slow at first since I will be going to Japan for a week in June.

*I prefer people to pay up front but I am willing to do 50/50 if you commission a color piece.

*In order to have the perfect piece you should provide as much reference photos as you can such as the character itself, setting, poses, etc. With OC characters please be specific if you don’t have references. We can go through it together and build it up!

*As for NSFW pieces, I’d rather post up the work over towards my alternative account due to privacy reasons. We will discuss things that I can or cannot do over messaging. But if you rather keep a hush hush about it and don’t want me to post it up let me know!