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commissions starting at $6! sketches, full bodies, half bodies, chibis, and more!


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please read before buying!
hello! i'm opening up commissions, and i'm only taking 5 slots!

I do humans, furries, and humanoids! I even do NSFW.
just no large muzzles please! i'm not quite good at drawing those yet ;v;

regular art style

chibi style

Backgrounds are between $2-$10 extra depending on complexity.

blink animations are +$2

24 hour Commission:

price is doubled from regular price. (ex: full body flat color is usually $18 , but for 24-hour it’s $36 )

includes all commission types except for normal shading, animations, and complex backgrounds. solid bg, gradient bg, and transparent bg only. 1 character only.

if you're interested, shoot me a note!

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