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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) Comms – 50% goes to Ukrainians


[CLOSED – I’m in process of making a different post for donation comms]

Hi everyone, I’ve been open for commissions, this post comes with one update. For the near future, I will donate 50% from every commission to individual Ukrainians asking for help with money because of what’s happening.

Commission details:
My art gallery with examples is here: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/cinsyrly/
I will draw: furry/anthro, feral/animal, human/humanoid, MLP. Backgrounds are only solid colour or gradient right now.
Ask if you want a NSFW piece - I don’t mind it as a whole, but I’m not very experienced with it and also may refuse some themes.
I reserve the right to refuse a commission.

Payment: Ko-fi only right now.

Turnaround time: one drawing takes from 2 days (flat-colour bust) to 10 days (shaded fullbody). This is without accounting for multiple characters. queue: https://cinsyrly.carrd.co/#queue

Donation details:
I will donate 50% from every commission to a Ukrainian in need of help, through a platform each individual person has available. As Twitter is my main social media and I see different Twitter users from Ukraine in need, that’s who I plan to donate to.

Places to contact me for commissioning:
Telegram @/cinsyrly
Discord cinsyrly#5061
Private messages here
I use these the most. Please message or reply to the post if you need an alternative.


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