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Community opinions on markings and colours

What's your limit on fursona extravagance?

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actually it's tanja now
Well, I'm designing a non-pokémon character, and I, like most folks, would like to spice it up a little and add a few markings - just a bit of red here and there in a specific pattern on a mostly grey character.
Now my question is, how far do you, the community, find such markings okay, not cringeworthy, etc.; i.e. what's the limit on how extravagant a fursona may be?


I'd say many colours and markings... only if the colours don't clash horribly. I've seen wayyyy too many sonas with colours and markings that have no thought put into them at all. Like they just got a bunch of 5 year olds to design it for them. It looks horrible and cringey IMO and most of the time they are very forgettable designs.