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Complain About Animal Crossing Villagers You Don't Like


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New Horizons gave me Scoot as one of my starting villagers. His design is eye-searing and the sporty personality just comes across as... asshole, self-absorbed jock.

I proceeded to beat him with my bug net and will continue to do so until he gets the fuck off my island. :(


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Man, I dislike Tangy quite a bit. Fucking tangerine looking ass. Fucking vitamin C looking ass. Look at that leaf on her head, you ain't fooling anyone with that cheap weave. Head looking like a kumquat. It's not fair. Why can't I kum on her quats? I pay taxes. I deserve to be grapefruited.


Hello, Proto
I like Cherry, but she has a habit of building her home directly in front of players' homes. (Happened to me and streamers I watch)


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Update: Posted an open invitation for any visitors to beat Scoot with a net on my island bulletin board. Stupid ugly duck has been following me making flower emotes at me and I just want to vote him off the island. ;_;


profound asshole
i got buck and canberra as my starting villagers, and i hated them both at first, but i warmed up to them and now i adore them

i mean, c'mon, how can you stay mad at this face