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Complete Noob. How did YOU choose your Fursona?


Hi all! I'm completely new to all this and I've been having a really hard time picking a sona for myself. so I'm hoping for some inspiration. how did YOU decide on your sona? I'm an animal lover in general so just going with my favorite hasn't really worked. help!
Me, I looked around, and looked up the species within the fandom. Then I found one that I really liked, they were on the more unheard of side and I enjoy them. Sad part is, that since protogens are a semi-closed species is that there are restrictions to what you can have in em


Let's be honest - animals sharing human traits is definitely humans assigning them. Ask a Raven if they're crafty and they'll just caw at you. You can just as easily pick an animal you like and roll with it, doesn't have to match anything. Or two. Or three. There's no furry police, and no one's gonna judge you based on suitability of the animal to you. And if they do, well, you don't need their approval anyhow.

You seem concerned about realism, but this thread looks like a couple sharks, a couple panthers, at least one dragon, a rat and a sheep all talking to each other. Sorry - anthropomorphized versions of them talking to each other. This is not the community for textbook accuracy.
Thank you Ziggy. I think that I needed this.

And the sad part is that I know very well how to have an vivid imagination.
But your comment, that I seemed concerned about realism. That really hit home.
I always thought that oneself's first furrsona should have been just that. Realistic. But, all the animals are talking to each other here. As mentioned... This is not the community for textbook accuracy.

With newly found courage, and determination, will this Furry find, its true form.


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I just picked my favorite animal, the goat!


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Cats have always been a little mysterious to me. Like they have some veil of mystique surrounding them, like they might know things that you don't. They also tend to slink around, out of sight, which I kinda wish I could do at times.
Also I like grim things. Decay. How lovely.


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I chose my sona to be a bighorn sheep, since I'm Aries in western horoscope and it made sense. Also, I personally love bighorn sheep!

Shane McNair

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I never understood why furries always seem to have a fixation with picking a fursona based on some kind of perceived close connection with a specific animal, or picking an animal based on certain behaviors or personality traits. I've seen thread after thread talking about it on this forum to the point of it being extremely trite and cliche. While there's nothing necessarily wrong with it, I just look at that approach as a form of very limiting, inside the box thinking when trying to come up with an anthro animal character. I find characters interesting and appealing based more on who they are as an individual or what they do. There's too much emphasis on the animal and not enough on the character. That's what makes them unique and it seems not enough focus is given to that.

Mine happens to be a border collie, but not really for any specific reason except, I guess, that border collies are somewhat less common than the endless masses of fox and wolf sonas that seemingly everyone has. Shane being a border collie also matches up well with his Scottish heritage, but it was really kind of an afterthought and something that was just attractive to me and I think fit well with his overall design. The real essence of Shane is that he is a military combat pilot in a historic period setting. That's what he's all about. From a young age, wanting to fly was the one great motivation that drove him and led him to everything in his adult life. This is also the main thing that inspired his design, and I think a border collie wearing a flight suit, custom flying boots, and a leather flight jacket just looks really good somehow.

Shane McNair 25.jpg Shane McNair 48.jpg

A few ways this relates to Shane's personality is that, as an officer, he is trained to be a leader and take charge of situations, and to think and react quickly under pressure. He can do these things well, so he has some natural aptitude for that. He has more of a technical and analytical approach to his thinking rather than an abstract or theoretical one, with a reality-based way of looking at things that is guided by logic rather than emotion. Fighter pilots are also known for being highly self-confident, highly motivated professionals and adrenaline junkies. Shane is competitive, energetic, he likes danger and has a hunger for excitement. Think of that memorable "need for speed" line from Top Gun. There is nothing more exciting to him than sitting in the cockpit of a powerful aircraft, being in control of that power and feeling the vibration of the engine in his fingertips. He not only knows how to fly, but to feel an aircraft and use it as a weapon - to make it an extension of his physical self. Shane also holds himself to high standards and doesn't handle failure well, and has low tolerance for personal imperfection.

Shane didn't start out as a fursona, and he doesn't really reflect a lot about me irl. Our personalities are different in a lot of ways. Originally he was an OC I created as the main character of a story idea I've had forever. I decided to adopt him as a sona only because I grew to like him so much as a character as I was developing him, and because he does reflect a lot about my lifelong love of aviation and history. In many ways he has become sort of an idealized version of myself and the person I would like to be. So, my advice here is to first figure out what your character does and define their personality first, or maybe how something about who they are as an individual represents you. This is what will make them different and unique. Everything else should follow that.
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Wow, everyone has so many amazing fursona stories and im sitting here like "lmao i'm tiny"
Long story short (literally) i'm a very small person (5'4), and well, Lynxes are pretty short too, and i always had such a affinity with Big cats/Cats in general, so it wasnt so hard to set on them.
As my second favorite animals, Dragons, i decided to make her a Hybrid for the feral form just because i really love to draw dragons and thought it would be nice to have a half-dragon and half-Lynx sona.


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My sonas have always been animals I have a personal connection with. I have been passionate about reptile husbandry and conservation, so most of my OCs have been reptiles or amphibians.

My current sona is a Tiger shark and that is based partly on my experience with this and other shark species as a marine biologist. I have been lucky to study and work with them intermittently for the past 8 years, and developed an understanding of their quirks and social behaviors. I chose a Tiger shark specifically because of one I worked with out in Fiji named Scarface that had a lasting impression on me. She definitely had a presence, you knew she was nearby by the change in behavior of other sharks. To that I even added subtle nods to other experiences with sharks in my sona. For example, my sonas favorite band is Creedence Clearwater Revival. We chummed for White Sharks in South Africa to get data for some studies. If they weren't coming our way we would put music on and we eventually noticed that CCR seemed to make them appear within 10 minutes virtually without fail. Little things like that.

You are awesome.


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I once played a flash game with a crow as a protagonist, and Iiked the idea. Since Birds have strong personalities a lot of the time, I picked the bird.
I don't have noteworthy experiences with birds irl besides a mild interest. But cartoon birds are funny.

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In my eight years of being in the fandom i never had an established fursona until this year. It was a hard proces for me because when i choosed a species i never felt it mine because i didn't have a proper representation for it... until i started drawing digitally this year.

I choose a bull, to be honest, for kinky reasons? xD im not going to go into details but it was really a random choice i made while roleplaying with my boyfriend and it really stuck on me. I started to love drawing him, there are stuff of him that represent me but i would say our personalities don't match completely.


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I looked at the list of ALL known species from protozoa to invertebrates and still ended up choosing the wolf it just so happens that it's the most common sona xd


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Hi all! I'm completely new to all this and I've been having a really hard time picking a sona for myself. so I'm hoping for some inspiration. how did YOU decide on your sona? I'm an animal lover in general so just going with my favorite hasn't really worked. help!
Honestly, it took me years to finally settle on what I wanted. I finally came out with Aenigma or Aeni. She's just your routine fox with brown hair more so resembled after me. I picked based on what animal I was drawn to the most. My husband and I are both drawn to foxes, and considering how we met it just made sense.

I've got my Fantasy fursona which is a healing kitsune. I researched a lot, and not only that, but I did random generators. x: A lot.. of random generators.


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I looked at the list of ALL known species from protozoa to invertebrates and still ended up choosing the wolf it just so happens that it's the most common sona xd
Sometimes it's like that! It's just whatever you jive most with :)


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I had always kind of assumed I would pick a horse if I ever made a fursona, since they're my favorite anthro animal and all of my other characters are horses. The problem was that I've never felt particularly horse-like myself. Instead, I asked myself what animal I would pick if I were to pick a spirit animal, and I gravitated towards deer. Despite how I feel about them eating my garden and landscaping, I do think they're really beautiful and charming animals. And I feel like the general attitude most deer seem to have fits me well.

I decided to go with a white white-tailed deer (NOT albino) because I crossed paths in the woods once with a white-tailed deer that had a color mutation to make it appear very light tan/white. It's somewhat rare to find in nature, since the deer stands out really badly and is easier prey to predators. Anyways, I felt like I shared a really special connection with the deer that I found decided to bring that across to represent myself. (Picture below for reference, not my picture).

I named my fursona August after August Derleth, a Wisconsin writer from the early to mid 1900s. As far as personality, he's just me, for better or worse. While the only picture I have of him is ACW-themed, he lives in modern times.


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Personally as someone who's never really satisfied with any particular species, but certainly has a look/aesthetic nailed down, I'd argue to not worry so much about what species to pick right away as opposed to figuring out what you want to generally present yourself as and what is "your thing". I'd highly recommend putting together a mood board/style sheet of sorts of things that you personally like/find interesting, and if you got a general idea of what you fursona will look like, make sections for things like hairstyle, body type, and clothing that appeals to you. Afterwards, you can probably figure out what fits best and if not, ask others for help.

As for me though, I've cycled through many species. Not counting being a human...

- Dragon (Both Eastern and Western)
- Horse
- Shark
- Canine
- Snake
- Incubus/Demon
- Dark Elf
- Lion
- Gargoyle
- Orc
- Kirin
- Goat
- Boar
- Bull

Although I went through several species, I could argue that my character looked more like some "Rocker Dad" who'd beat you in a power-lifting contest but still take you out to eat somewhere afterwards. Or if it he wasn't wearing the street clothes, he'd look more like some magic-knight type character who apparently couldn't find armor in his size. Either way, I had a specific look I wanted him to have, but couldn't quite figure what species that could be both physically strong and intelligent to suit my personality.

Ironically I've been drawing the horse and dragon forms a lot more lately, and I really like the dark elf/demon forms too... Which is funny because I can't stand most fantasy settings that such creatures would be found in.
My sona actually started out as a character for a D&D campaign. It was an Asian myth inspired setting, and I wanted my character to be based on the legend of Sun Wukong.
Because of the fact that I had to PLAY him and ACT as him for months in that D&D game, my personality sort of just ended up being his, too, so I was connected to him.
I also identify with monkeys a lot because they're social, vocal (and at times a bit too loud ^^"), smart, moody, empathetic, confident and playful-- all things I think I or anyone I'm close to would use to describe me, too. Also monkeys are so cute I just wanted to draw one a while bunch!


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oh boy i've been hoping i could get to share this story

so about two years ago, i had to go to the hospital for reasons. i'm not getting into why i was there, but what you need to know is that i was receiving steroids every few hours as part of my recovery and they made me act crazy as fuck

so anyway they're wheeling me downstairs to get a ct scan and i see that there's a bookshelf and some other furniture by the elevators marked as garbage. i love books and wanted another bookshelf in my room (my bedroom at home, not my hospital room) and in my crazy roided out state i just looked at the nurse and was like "can i have the bookshelf??? please"

(i could not have the bookshelf)

later on i found it hilarious how i really wanted to take some hospital garbage home with me. i realized that i also have tiny hands irl, and was acting like i had rabies (plus i was in the hospital because i was sick)

and thus rancid raccoon was born. it just took me two years to get around to actually drawing him


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Well I originally found the fandom when i was 13 years old... so I kinda latched onto other fursona designs, patterns, species and said
"yeah I like this!"

In reality i was still trying to find out who I was and it wasn't until recently that I sat down and really thought about what kind of character I wanted.

Then he kinda popped out so yeah fursona obtained!!

Monosuki the Aurian

Kyu the Braixen
There was always something nice about both cats and foxes....and I liked them both, but I couldn't decide.

That and I didn't want it to be an Earthly species, so I decided to do one thing.

I took foxes, and took cats, then mixed the species together, and made Aurians. Then I went and made them into a species from space.

It's been a concept that I've done since I was ten, and I've just been remastering it since.

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Elephant because I like their trunk, it looks pretty fascinating to me. Buffalo because it really connects to my country Vietnam, mostly the agriculture part. I also prefer herbivore animals, they always seem... quiet and peaceful ? Compared to the carnivore predators.
Another thing on the buffalo part is that I absolutely LOVE the taurren design from world of warcraft (mainly their hunched-back anatomy).
So I combined them all together, and 'lo and behold I got my best sona ever.

Monkey... literally because to me they look like humans. With fur and tail. And that's all the ideal trait I want from the species. I also really like the great apes from the dragon ball anime series so... boom, 2nd best sona for me.