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Complete Noob. How did YOU choose your Fursona?


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pretty standard, really

Nexus Cabler

Strong independent black dragon
1) I love dragons

2) I love cyberpunk stuff

3) Black and red look cool together

Shane the chocco doggo

Overly imaginative and lazy
To be completely honest. I love wolves . At the the time of trying to create my fursona i was snacking down on some chocolate. I heard that some people base their fursonas of snacks and beverages. So i thought " huh why not? So i got to work on my character basing his colours of the chocolate bar i was eating. A Nestle chocolate crunch bar . I was determined he was gonna be a wolf . I tried and tried and tried some more but i just couldn't get the shape of the head just right. So i finished him up and wasn't completely satisfied. Until i saw how much he resembles a Scottie dog. so i slapped a species on him and gave him a name . Lucky for me i live in Scotland so the him looking like a scottie dog worked out better than i had hoped .
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Ty Vulpine

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I didn't choose mine, it chose me.
I originally started as a 15 foot tall gold dragon back around 2004 on G4TV.com's social forums. When they closed the social forums thread, I migrated to another forum, and created a six foot tall cybernetic fox soldier (nameless at the start). Eventually, he took over as my sona, and I named him Tiberius (Ty for short). I went several last names for him. Vulpine, Solpine, Soltaur, before settling on Vulpintaur. He first became a taur in 2009 and a macro taur shortly thereafter.


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My case is a bit strange (or maybe not?). For a while my fursona was a deer, they're animals I love and I've always loved antlers and the idea of humans having antlers (in similar ways I've also always loved horns). After a while I just realized I'm a wolf though. I don't even think it was a choice, I just realized I felt incredibly satisfied and in a sense liberated when drawing wolf fursonas, and when drawing myself as an anthro wolf, more so than with any other animal. That's basically how it is for me. This process is probably not all that uncommon for furries, but I wouldn't know since I haven't spoken to many furries.


Your typical (Genocidal) protogen with powers. . .
Really, the reason I chose to be a protogen is like why many other people chose their fursonas. I saw what they looked like and decided to start thinking if it suited me, and it did so I created Player, The depressed protogen with the power to enter different dimensions.

Matt the Terrier

Swing the Mood! =3
How I came up with Matt the Terrier was because of "Krypto the Superdog". I made him first in 2008-ish, because Tail Terrier was my favorite character, and then played around with being a Mammoth Mutt recolor and an anthro cat before I came back to and stuck with my current fursona. I actually didn't discover that the furry community existed until 2014, and it wasn't until then that I officially adopted him as my fursona.

In all honesty, if I could've be something else [preferably a taur or a skunk], I would've been, but I've had my fursona for so long that I can't replace him; he has literally become part of my identity. Doing that would be like killing off a family member, I simply could not do it.
Besides, his design suits me, and the name itself rolls off the tongue nicely.

On top of all that, I always strive to be unique and a little different from everyone else. I'm a non-conformist if you will. And much to my surprise, my fursona has stood out amongst the many foxes, deer, wolves, dragons, and large dog breeds. I don't see too many small dog breeds in the community, let alone Terriers, so in a weird way, I'm quite happy about that! ^ ^
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