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Complete Noob. How did YOU choose your Fursona?

Ziggy Schlacht

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You can feel it out by starting simple with your favorite animal and your favorite color scheme. Then, choose a hobby or an interest you can build the characters personality from.
Gonna be honest here - I think most people just pick their favorite animal and retcon fancy reasons to it.

Shane the chocco doggo

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To be completely honest. I love wolves . At the the time of trying to create my fursona i was snacking down on some chocolate. I heard that some people base their fursonas of snacks and beverages. So i thought " huh why not? So i got to work on my character basing his colours of the chocolate bar i was eating. A Nestle chocolate crunch bar . I was determined he was gonna be a wolf . I tried and tried and tried some more but i just couldn't get the shape of the head just right. So i finished him up and wasn't completely satisfied. Until i saw how much he resembles a Scottie dog. so i slapped a species on him and gave him a name . Lucky for me i live in Scotland so the him looking like a scottie dog worked out better than i had hoped .
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Ty Vulpine

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I didn't choose mine, it chose me.
I originally started as a 15 foot tall gold dragon back around 2004 on G4TV.com's social forums. When they closed the social forums thread, I migrated to another forum, and created a six foot tall cybernetic fox soldier (nameless at the start). Eventually, he took over as my sona, and I named him Tiberius (Ty for short). I went several last names for him. Vulpine, Solpine, Soltaur, before settling on Vulpintaur. He first became a taur in 2009 and a macro taur shortly thereafter.


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My case is a bit strange (or maybe not?). For a while my fursona was a deer, they're animals I love and I've always loved antlers and the idea of humans having antlers (in similar ways I've also always loved horns). After a while I just realized I'm a wolf though. I don't even think it was a choice, I just realized I felt incredibly satisfied and in a sense liberated when drawing wolf fursonas, and when drawing myself as an anthro wolf, more so than with any other animal. That's basically how it is for me. This process is probably not all that uncommon for furries, but I wouldn't know since I haven't spoken to many furries.


Really, the reason I chose to be a protogen is like why many other people chose their fursonas. I saw what they looked like and decided to start thinking if it suited me, and it did so I created Player, The depressed protogen with the power to enter different dimensions.

Matt the Terrier

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How I came up with Matt the Terrier was because of "Krypto the Superdog". I made him first in 2008-ish, because Tail Terrier was my favorite character, and then played around with being a Mammoth Mutt recolor and an anthro cat before I came back to and stuck with my current fursona. I actually didn't discover that the furry community existed until 2014, and it wasn't until then that I officially adopted him as my fursona.

In all honesty, if I could've be something else [preferably a taur or a skunk], I would've been, but I've had my fursona for so long that I can't replace him; he has literally become part of my identity. Doing that would be like killing off a family member, I simply could not do it.
Besides, his design suits me, and the name itself rolls off the tongue nicely.

On top of all that, I always strive to be unique and a little different from everyone else. I'm a non-conformist if you will. And much to my surprise, my fursona has stood out amongst the many foxes, deer, wolves, dragons, and large dog breeds. I don't see too many small dog breeds in the community, let alone Terriers, so in a weird way, I'm quite happy about that! ^ ^
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For me, the process of making a fursona (or any character really) is just a process of iteration and experimentation. I make a decision, and go for it. I draw and write about my characters fairly often, and through that, I start to learn more about the characters. Sometimes I'll learn something about the characters when other artists draw em! Slowly, I refine the idea and tweak things here and there as they do or don't make sense. Just like people grow, I find that characters can grow too, and sometimes they develop little complexities that I never intended when they were first designed, both physical and personality/story-wise. Other times I'll find that I made a huge decision that just isn't working anymore, and I'll scrap the character and completely rework them, or just straight-up scrap them, or merge them with other under-developed characters. ^^

I guess what I'd say is that I don't focus on making the "perfect character" all in one day. I experiment and play around. Some people find that their characters should have special meaning to them, others focus on making them look cool, and others just have characters that are tied to what drew them to the fandom in the first place (Pokemon OCs, a Wings of Fire OC, etc.) I'm still working on redesigning my fursona, like four or five years later haha. Right now, I've found that my intuition is pulling me towards a character that isn't even an actual animal! There's a lot that I love about weasels; I think they're adorable, I love their small-but-scrappy personality, and I could go on and on. But every time I've drawn my character, I find that I gravitate towards hooves - especially if I were to get a fursuit one day, I just love the look of fursuit hooves haha. Yet I've never connected to equines at all. I've tried to make it work, but it just doesn't lol. So my solution is to kinda... make my own species?

In my research, I've found that a lot of odd-toed ungulates have gone extinct, leaving just a couple of extant contemporaries. So I'm toying with a sort of "what if" idea - what if there was a relative of the odd-toed ungulates that followed a similar evolutionary path to the mustelids? What kinds of challenges might those species have faced that encouraged them to evolve that way? How were they able to survive the same circumstances that led other odd-toed ungulates to go extinct? I enjoy this kind of process, because it does more for me than just making a hybrid and saying "It's like a weasel with hooves!" I get to craft every element of the character, and along the way there are so many teeny tiny little details that are just exciting to me. It's not that I'm gonna write a book about them (or maybe I will, who knows XD) but all these little details are just sources of inspiration for me. I have a sort of end goal in mind, but I'm leaving the process a bit open so little new ideas here and there could help me add a bit of spice to the design. ^^

To just talk a little bit about details, my character Skye is a fun example of the species and character inspiring each other. I knew making Skye I wanted a sweet character who was maybe a bit misunderstood but otherwise well-meaning and generous. So I got to researching bats, and I came across vampire bats. Lots of little details clicked for me - despite vampire bats being parasites, most cows don't even notice or care when there's a vampire bat taking a small amount of blood. And unlike a carnivore or herbivore, the vampire bat doesn't even eat a living thing - in a weird way, they're kinda gentler souls than a normal eater! Vampire bats are also quite pro-social; they've been known to share extra blood with less-fortunate bats, especially new mothers. So once I knew I wanted a vampire bat, the design followed. Skye was supposed to be a fursona at first, and at a time when I was very reserved - so I chose to make him straight-up gray. Eventually, as his personality grew, I started to associate him with pop music. A lot of people see pop music as just a corporate cash grab, or find it obnoxious and stale, so I was inspired to give him rainbow wings. Rainbows remind me of happiness and fun-loving, even if they can be a bit obnoxious, especially when they're bright! So I toned it down just a bit to give him a softer vibe. One thing led to another, inside jokes were made, and now he's working at an unabashedly weeby pizza maid cafe. :3

So in all I try and pull inspiration from lots of different sources to make my characters really unique and nuanced, which in turn makes it more fun for me to come up with new art ideas related to em. I'm always playing around with new ideas, and whenever I commission art of my characters, I always encourage artists to put their own spin on them. The most important thing for me is that my characters are fun for me to draw - and hopefully fun for others to draw too! ^^

Sorry that was long; I get really excited about designs haha.
I personally jumped around from a few different characters throughout the years, but eventually I settled on a basic looking werewolf and I am the happiest I have ever been. Probably because the werewolf is the truest to myself, out of all of my other characters.


Hi all! I'm completely new to all this and I've been having a really hard time picking a sona for myself. so I'm hoping for some inspiration. how did YOU decide on your sona? I'm an animal lover in general so just going with my favorite hasn't really worked. help!
With me, my bugsona (bug fursona) was chosen because I wanted a rare technical species that is unique to my personal connection. In this case, I chose a Death's Head Roach (Blaberus craniifer). What is the first words you think when you see a cockroach in your home? Probaby disgusting, ugly, gross, pathetic? It's a common conception for homeowners that nobody wants them. It's the outcast element of the cockroach that I personally connect to.
Secondly, Death's Head Roaches are called such because of a black jack-o-lantern on their backs, and their wings are overall black, which makes the color scheme more of a grungy aesthetic and are overall really cool looking.
I understand that everyone's personality and what connects them is different, but I hoped my input is helpful.

Jackpot Raccuki

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Me: Wow this Grizzly bear is cute, he’s my fursona.
Jackpot: And I took that personally.

Basically it started out with a character I made to be my fursona, but when I was making a generic character, Jackpot in this case I ended up loving him and solidified the fact he’s my fursona by getting a big ol plushie of him.


I chose for my Fursona to be a cat/dragon hybrid becauss people tell me my personality reflects those animals. And I agree with them. My dragon side represents a rebellious edginess, and my cat side represents both laziness and hyperactivity. And even if you don't consider my personality, both animals are really special to me. I've had several cats before, and even if they're a little bit crazy, I still love them. And ever since I saw a DragonVale ad on my tablet five years ago I've loved dragons. My choice on species could (and probably is) also be affected by my favorite book series - Warriors, which is about cats, and Wings of Fire, which is about dragons. But no matter what you consider, his species just seems to make sense, at least to me.

Ace ut fox

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My first fursona is a fox, I just thought they were neat and mysterious. I've only ever saw three foxes before and I really like their fluff tails so I just made one, and I've had her since 2015.


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Nothing too in depth.. I was watching pocari roo videos, and noticed the shape and general feeling of Sodaroos fitted well, so that's what Nitro became.

Ziggy Schlacht

Hasn't figured out this "straight" business
hm a breaedd dragon
So, you're done. Your Sona is a Bearded Dragon.

There's no rules, no established list. There's a thread elsewhere about someone combining a spectacle bear with a seahorse. Now, if you're looking for ideas on appearance or other lizard species, that's a different question.

Frank Gulotta

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Fluff, personality, and everything cute
These were the ingredients chosen To create the perfect little furs
But Professor Utonium accidentally Added an extra ingredient to the concoction-- Chemical Kink

Ziggy Schlacht

Hasn't figured out this "straight" business
ok yeah where should i get my sona ?
Well, due to Covid the Sona store just outside of Boston is closed, so you'll have to make due by drawing them yourself or commission an artist. I would start with a gender expression, then roll to a rough build, then a color scheme you like. So "Masculine, Hunk, Red and Black" or "Femboi, Twink, Pink." Then pick a couple personality traits, such as "shy" or "outgoing". This would give any artist a starting point, including yourself. Pulling together references too, you could probably search "Bearded Lizard" on FA to get something.

As far as picking an artist, that's up to you and a budget. I've got slots open, account linked in my signature, but there's loads of artists.


Eternally Confused Feline
oh ok yeah i need a sona how mmuch would it cost?and thank you
Some artists do free stuff occasionally. That's how I've got most of my art. You'd need to give them at least a rough sketch first

Here's an example, with my latest OC, Constantine the Brown Hyena. I'm not completely terrible at art personally but I am still learning


My sketch

A commission I got the same day, by NullTag808.

If you're willing to join Furry Amino they have an in-app currency too which many artists accept. Obvs the quickest way to earn it is by buying it but there are free alternatives, such as trialing apps. I've paid for a few commissions that way

Otherwise, varies by artist. Most seem to be around the $10-20 mark.


*old vine reference here*
I was mostly drawn to hyenas because they tend to get a bad rep and I know how it feels to be misjudged, if that makes sense? (They also have the cutest faces!) The name has been one of my favourites for a while, and I felt like it fit his character.

Eventually I'll have art for him that I'm happy with but it's been a while since I used photoshop and I might as well be learning a new language a this point. o_O


A fox named Ridley
My kinks fed into what my fursona became.
So around 13-ish years ago I got really into foxes. Something about the look of them I really liked. Things like the markings, and the long, fluffy tail. I binged on cartoons and webcomics with foxes in them. I had also long been interested in animal transformation. So, the two ideas came togethe. Before I really knew about the furry fandom or read the word "fursona," I toyed with a few OC ideas. Most of them involved a human with some kind of fox transformation curse. The idea of kitsune entered the mix somewhere along the lines. I like magic, transformation and foxes, so these magical shapeshifting foxes were just about perfect. The only issue: if I were to imagine my self physically being my fursona, I didn't like the idea of having more than one tail. What I came up with, and largely stuck with since, was a half-kitsune, half-regular-red-fox.

More recently, I have come to appreciate the flexibility. If the idea of being a cat or a bird strikes my fancy at the moment, well, I have a shapeshifter for a fursona.