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Complete Noob. How did YOU choose your Fursona?


So um, I'm a bear.
My bearsona came to be after some soul searching. My first fursona was a tiger, then I tried a doggie dog, then a deer/buck, but the bear definitely felt the closest to me.

They're common where I'm from, they're generally shy, quiet, like food and are S O F T and S Q U I S H Y, and as such we have a similar shape. XD

I found it so much easier to throw some glasses on a bear than to design and tinker with the other species. I think a lot of folks try a few different ones before landing on 'the one.'


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I wrote out this HUGE, massive novel of a post explaining the ins, outs, and everything in between of why I chose Eremurus as my fursona, and why I feel such a powerful connection to her.

But then I deleted, seeing as it was too long, this topic isn't necessarily the place for all that kerfuffle, and lastly, because of that, I'll summarize.

I became absolutely enamoured with female Tauren. They were simply perfect to me, looks, aesthetic, culture, personality, and ideology wise. I was not a furry before. Then I clicked instantly with Tauren and knew I was in fact, a furry.

Eremurus was my first character. I spent thousands and thousands of hours building her up, developing her background, story, who she was as a Tauren woman. I definitely don't have the same feelings towards other races. It is strange.

Make sure you develop and work on your fursonas backstory. It is the difference between a good one, and a cliched, overdone trope.

*edit* For those of you who are curious; Tauren are an anthropomorphic, bipedal, bovine race from the planet of Azeroth. They have a Native American culture.
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Sam Akuchin Wamm

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well i was born on Earth so i had to be human to fit in.

historically though my ancestors came here on account of the fact Earth had a very salty smell to it.

turns out the smell was human sweat.

we were kinda hoping it was the oceans but they turned out to be much less salty to the point they were uninhabitable by my species.

so we just took some water from the dead sea to bathe in and ate from humans instead.


I never understood why furries always seem to have a fixation with picking a fursona based on some kind of perceived close connection with a specific animal, or picking an animal based on certain behaviors or personality traits. I've seen thread after thread talking about it on this forum to the point of it being extremely trite and cliche. While there's nothing necessarily wrong with it, I just look at that approach as a form of very limiting, inside the box thinking when trying to come up with an anthro animal character. I find characters interesting and appealing based more on who they are as an individual or what they do. There's too much emphasis on the animal and not enough on the character. That's what makes them unique and it seems not enough focus is given to that.

Mine happens to be a border collie, but not really for any specific reason except, I guess, that border collies are somewhat less common than the endless masses of fox and wolf sonas that seemingly everyone has. Shane being a border collie also matches up well with his Scottish heritage, but it was really kind of an afterthought and something that was just attractive to me and I think fit well with his overall design. The real essence of Shane is that he is a military combat pilot in a historic period setting. That's what he's all about. From a young age, wanting to fly was the one great motivation that drove him and led him to everything in his adult life. This is also the main thing that inspired his design, and I think a border collie wearing a flight suit, custom flying boots, and a leather flight jacket just looks really good somehow.

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A few ways this relates to Shane's personality is that, as an officer, he is trained to be a leader and take charge of situations, and to think and react quickly under pressure. He can do these things well, so he has some natural aptitude for that. He has more of a technical and analytical approach to his thinking rather than an abstract or theoretical one, with a reality-based way of looking at things that is guided by logic rather than emotion. Fighter pilots are also known for being highly self-confident, highly motivated professionals and adrenaline junkies. Shane is competitive, energetic, he likes danger and has a hunger for excitement. Think of that memorable "need for speed" line from Top Gun. There is nothing more exciting to him than sitting in the cockpit of a powerful aircraft, being in control of that power and feeling the vibration of the engine in his fingertips. He not only knows how to fly, but to feel an aircraft and use it as a weapon - to make it an extension of his physical self. Shane also holds himself to high standards and doesn't handle failure well, and has low tolerance for personal imperfection.

Shane didn't start out as a fursona, and he doesn't really reflect a lot about me irl. Our personalities are different in a lot of ways. Originally he was an OC I created as the main character of a story idea I've had forever. I decided to adopt him as a sona only because I grew to like him so much as a character as I was developing him, and because he does reflect a lot about my lifelong love of aviation and history. In many ways he has become sort of an idealized version of myself and the person I would like to be. So, my advice here is to first figure out what your character does and define their personality first, or maybe how something about who they are as an individual represents you. This is what will make them different and unique. Everything else should follow that.
fellow WWII fighter pilot i see

Shane McNair

Ace Pilot
fellow WWII fighter pilot i see

His story canon is actually set a couple of years prior to WWII (1937-39) with a totally unrelated and fictional plot but yes, he's from that same era.

I'm not sure exactly what he'd be doing during the war, but he would definitely be seeing action in the Pacific and the China/Burma/India theater as an OSS operative, thwarting the Japanese war effort in some way. I've also imagined him being sent on a secret mission to sabotage a U-Boat base in Antarctica later on in the war, or maybe being sent into occupied Europe to steal or sabotage German secret weapons technology.

Shane is a character who gets around.


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I saw a dog once, I guess?

Nah. Always loved wolves and felt a sort of connection with them that I cannot explain. They have a lot of characteristics and traits that I love, such as loyalty and being fierce only when needed to be.

If anything, they can be considered nature in its purest and most beautiful form? Hmm... Hard to explain in words.



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I created my sona little over a year ago after going through some rough times and little bit of an identity crisis. They certainly aren't my first sona, probably my fifth or sixth, but i definitely feel this is me. They're the one i'm gonna keep.

I was in a really dark place in 2019, very isolated and alone in this big dark house by myself and feeling like an outsider watching everyone around me move while i stayed in place.

That sort of outlook on my situation combined with my already existing love for gothic architecture and monsters lead to me thinking about making my sona a gargoyle !!
It took me 6 months to design them, i think. Maybe a little less but it wasnt until months later I'd made them.

I went with a lion gargoyle because of the winged lion gargoyles/statues and my pre-existing love for lions, an animal i feel some sort of connection to in a way.

As for colors, they're all just my favorite colors lol.


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i am just "coming out" as a furry, though i've been watching in the wings for awhile.... i knew i wanted to be an insect furry but bedbug didnt come to me until i was writing a fanfic and created a bedbug character that resonated with me... today is my first day "out" as a bedbug and im really nervous but i chose this fursona after a lot of thought when i was writing the fanfic almost 8 years ago

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I once went on a mission to far-east Russia and met the Chinese Takin that lived there and all the other officers couldn't control them and kept getting attacked.
Me on thte other hand got along well with them and they came to me and sat around and leant their necks on me.
Everyone was fearing for my life because Takin are notorious for killing mountaineers but honestly i felt safer around them than my peers.
That really resonated with me because they were misunderstood and feared like myself so we were kindred spirits.
My ancestors were involved in the salem witch trials and i always felt kinda disgusted that i'm the product of that misplaced bullpup prejudice.
So i did some research into witches in general and now I'm a goat because i thought the whole familiar milk magic thing sounded cool.
I found an undertale sprite sheet and recolored the clothes to match Freddy Krugar just 'cause.


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Hello there, friend, and welcome! ^_^ It is always nice to see new members of the furry fandom, and generally just people who are interested in the community and anthropomorphism in general.

I completely understand not knowing what to make your fursona. You might understand that you want one, but you don't know what species to pick. That is a common issue for newcomers that want a fursona, persona, or character of their own. Sometimes, this issue can even be present in people that have been in the fandom for a long time. Hell, even as someone who has been an active furry for approximately 5 years now, I have had a hard time choosing what my fursona should be due to my weak sense of identity. (And the fact that I am a general lover of animals, just like you! It is hard to pick just one species when that is the case.) But, after a lot of time thinking, I was able to make my final decision, and I am happy I did. If it helps inspire you, I will tell you a bit about what helped me choose my species and my identity in the fandom.

After years of indecision, and changing my design and species every month or so, I was able to find my fursona by looking inside myself and thinking about what I view myself as in real life, as well as what my interests and personality are.
Interestingly enough, I don't always view myself as human in real life. This might be due to my autism, as it is a general feeling of otherness from other people that I feel within myself sometimes. Like, an "I'm different than other people" sort of feeling. It shows in the way I interact with the world, and with people, that I am not neurotypical.
I also have an interest in heavy metal! My favorite band, of all time, has to be Powerwolf, a German power metal/symphonic metal band with themes and subjects of mythological creatures (specifically werewolves and vampires/strigoi), Christianity, Satanism, the Crusades, and gothic themes in their songs. Their music inspires me, and I love to listen to their songs when I'm working out, drawing, or just anytime I feel like it. In particular, I feel inspired and intrigued by their songs about werewolves. It feels like whenever I listen to those songs, I am part of a pack of werewolves myself.
And, this one is a bit more strange, but whenever I feel myself getting angry, I start to imagine myself as a beast or animal. It's like some sort of instinctive coping mechanism, I suppose, but sometimes I purposefully do it to cope with whatever I am going through at the time.

I think the otherness I felt from other human beings, the beastly view of myself I adopt sometimes to cope, and the inspiration from my favorite band are what made me start to view myself as a werewolf. After years of wondering what my identity should be in the fandom, it all made perfect sense just like that. Werewolves are different from other human beings, even in their human form, and they are capable of turning into lupine beasts!
And, as stereotypical as it is, I also feel like my personality and interests align with that of a werewolf, or at the very least, humanity's view of the wolf. My close friends have described me as kind, somewhat serious, strong (physically and emotionally), and loyal but not someone you fuck with and get away with it.

And from that discovery of my species, I developed my persona: Lupin Dasa Ambrose, a werewolf with three forms: human, lycanthrope, and (feral) wolf. Just like me irl, he is of mixed ethnicity, and he lives in the North.

I hope this story of mine inspires you some. I believe if there is any lesson to be gleaned from the discovery of my persona's species, let it be this:
- Ask yourself what creatures you relate to. This can be in your personality, your values, your physical appearance, or your lifestyle.
- Ask yourself what things inspire you, and how that relates to your personal identity or what species you might be.

I hope this helps you out, and that you were able to get useful information from my story. I wish you the best of luck in discovering your species, my friend! May you find inspiration and self-discovery. ^_^