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Hiring: ($150+) Complex character redesign. Emergency help, need artist (NO JOKE)


I'm looking for an artist to help my upgrade/update this character that I have. This is like an emergency because I wasted a lot of time in trying to get this started. I have like a whole list of things that I want to do but I want to make sure the person is already or can do the project before I show it. I do have like a timeframe to get this done with a list of stuff that I need on the character including changes. We have like a month to start and a month to finish. My list of changes is on an excel file with reference right next to it but if you. I added a link to the character and what I'm trying to do is a front and back view of the character in a T-pose. There is going to be trial and error so be aware because I picky about the design and maybe the style. everything is on a excel file which is organize. I'll be there to help you all the way from beginning to the end or when ever I can reply. I do request the source file once we are done either in .psd or .ai files anything else won't be accepted unless they can be open through adobe programs. I strongly prefer .psd file or .ai mainly. I don't want any tracing, vector art, or anything with or relating. I also don't want to hear any complaints because the sooner we get this done the better. My budget is $150 for the commission. I do not do per hour pay. Please be aware of the idea when I show you the excel file.


If you want to contact me somewhere else, here is my info/username for telegram and discord.
Telegram: @DDdiamonddogbomber
Discord: eclin#8056
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