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Compliment the person above you!


King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy
Hello yes another game thread. This one is always a nice one to have. You can compliment someone on their username, their avatar, their art...or if you know them personally or by interaction in the forum, something else :) Just say nice things to make someone's day!

Since I'm starting this thread it feels like I'm trying to get asspats, lol, so I'll start the first compliment!

@quoting_mungo You seem like a very kind and respectful person, very open and willing to understand others and I like that, it's a valuable trait, thanks for doing what you do!


you have been booped by the web potater foxxo
that is a nice ! mark, it compliments the two shades of grey you have


King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy
Insects are highly underrated as a species and I appreciate the representation you give them, not to mention quite good at art!

Deleted member 82554

You're a fox, need I say more? Btw this thread already exists and isn't really that old.


Smart batto!
Bad boy or not, you're almost as good as me, so keep going! *thumbs up*


Woof? Woof
Chameleons are AWESOME.