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Compliment the user above you!


Birb Fanatic
I am in total awe at your reaction score and the amount of posts you have. I also like how your sona(?) is basically Nick Wilde with longer ears. Boy, I would kill for that to be his actual design in Zootopia.


Joy Boi
We may not have know each other very long, but you seem like a very fun fellow to play games with. Besides you like birbs and this shows you're one of culture.


You're always so bubbly and happy, spreading cheer and support to the furs here of the forum. Many are bettered by knowing you!

Primal the Lycanroc

Maxwell the Fennec
I must admit, in the time I've known you, you happen to be one of the most kindest furs I've ever met, and I have had the pleasure of talking with you and much more!

On a friendly level, you are by far one of the nicest people I've met, and if I'm speaking seriously, I adore that about you. Such a kind, yet upbeat energy you give off is almost superhuman!

You have my respect, and are therefore always eligible for cuddling at anytime!


Blue Frog
You are super polite and considerate to everybody, to a degree that you seem more concerned about the well-being of others than yourself, which makes me even worry a little and care about you. Just please don't overwhelm yourself, you're doing an awesome job by existing and making us happy!

And this applies to the two above me

Primal the Lycanroc

Maxwell the Fennec
Truly some touching words by you!

And what do I think of you? Shoot, where do I begin with someone as amazing as you?

You always seem to be cheery, upbeat, and playful, which makes you a very approachable pal! Not only that, but you also express concern for when others are down, and you offer words of encouragement that really brighten one's day!

Along with your playful demeanor, your drug-inducing licks, (also friendly!), may send me on some of the most bizarre acid trips known to man, but I know that's one of your signature ways of being playful, or showing they are true friends!

You are in fact the kindest froggo pal I've met, and I am honored to have met and befriended you! You too have my respect! (Same goes to the two on your head, hehe!)

Primal the Lycanroc

Maxwell the Fennec
Awe, thanks!

And might I say, that is quite the dashing color or red your hair is! Your colors match perfectly with your hair, and it brings out a lovely mix of colors! And it's quite fitting for you!

Primal the Lycanroc

Maxwell the Fennec
AAAA I gotta compliment you again! So needy. You're a super cute guy very adorable personality that makes me just wanna tie you down and eat you up.
Now that, that's just amazing to hear from you, as always, and you will always be that one amazing foxxo floofball that I cherish to no end! Stay awesome you wonderful furpal!


Otters are cute. Seems fun to be around.