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Compliment the user above you!


Joy Boi
Your pfp looks super friendly and playful and seeing you all over the forum I'm starting to feel the need to just chat with you uwu
Thank you, you look super fun and you have the brightest colored tongue I've ever seen.


Joy Boi
I bet you make puppies smile.


The cutest derg
I came to that agreement with the knight who's name escapes me, in exchange for not being harassed in my cave by the kings men

(I have plenty of willing participants, why go to all that effort!)


Woof? Woof
Very friendly and cuddly.


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
I am proud of your character development/growth throughout the forums!

Also the scar on your nose reminds me of the lines they draw on bread and I fucking love freshly-baked bread. ;~;
*resurrects this thread because it's positive and should keep going*


Joy Boi
Glasses are incredibly attractive~
Well uh.. You have a very attractive pfp, and based on what Ive seen of your messages you have a very attractive personality.