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Compliments That Stuck With You


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I saw a Twitter post recently regarding how, because it's apparently uncommon for men to get compliments, the ones we do get tend to stick with us. I decided to use that here to not only allow others to share compliments that have stuck with them, but also so I can get something that's been on my mind out there.

There's an old photo of me where I tried to salvage my Sasquatch-esc appearance to the best of my ability. In it, my face is cleanly shaven and my hair is fairly long. I didn't realize this when I took it, but when I was called "she" once because of it (combined with another thing), it's clear that I have some traditionally feminine features.

Anyway, I can't remember the exact context behind this, but a guy once flirted with me because of the photo. I've never been offered dinner in that context before, so that was pretty neat. Despite looking like a bit of a mess now in comparison, I sometimes shave my face because of that.

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I think the greatest compliment I've ever received was when I wrote a love song for my gf who has a heart of gold. She said I probably made her whole life, that it was the most personal thing that anyone has made for her, and she couldn't stop thanking me. She kept balling her eyes out and ngl I started crying too. She's wonderful and that memory will always stick with me.


Compliments scare me, I immediately try to forget them in the rare event they are recieved. It's like people try to make me think I'm not some pile of shit and I deserve basic human decency? Pah!

The only one I can remember atm is only because it's recent and constant. My current client reminds me nightly how she prefers how I take care of her bandaging over the other girls. My self-defeatist nature tells me she must tell that to everyone of course, and also the fact that she's the kind of person who will go out of her way to make sure you are comfortable, even if it makes her miserable... So for all I know I'm actually doing a shitty job, but she doesn't want to tell me.

Edit: Ovi's post reminded me actually, last Christmas I remember my sister-in-law said I was a really thoughtful gift giver cuz both the niece and nephew received really awesome gifts. I don't have a lot of money to buy quantity, so I try to get them one decent quality thing each that I think they'll get a lot of joy out of.

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A watcher said he felt blessed to be watching my work because of how inventive it is. I cherish that sort of comments

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A girl once complimented my scarf, and I responded with "Thanks but it's very cheap, it's nothing special". She said she didn't compliment its cost but how good it looked on me.

Since then, whenever people say something nice about me or an item I have, I just thank them instead of making it awkward.


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People tend to say I'm a nice guy. Personally I don't agree with this assessment, even after I go out of my way to help someone out. This isIis because I know I'm kind of an asshole, since I often do nice things because "it's my job" or "it would be the neighborly thing to do" or "I'd feel bad if I just left them hanging like this".


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I've had older women compliment me on my looks and tell me I'm one of the guys who will get more handsome the older I get. One also complimented my smile and laugh. It was a good feeling.

Back in school, almost all of my friends said I'm the coolest guy ever, but I didn't take it very seriously because I can be a very awkward nerd lmao

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The judgements on defying my actual traits is by far the best type that I consider them compliments. I love how the creativity of people (or maybe their fixed morals) makes them think me as someone who isn't me, I feel like being praised for somewhat reason. Maybe because I hate who I am, I still do.
I have similar experiences to you, OP. When I was a kid, strangers would call me a girl (clearly not in an offensive manner) even though there was nothing 'feminine' in particular. (Note that these times, public was stuck with masculine and feminine traits) And maybe because of that, I had no ice walls on befriending girls of peers and older.

And nowadays when I roam around online, saying my gender is neutral, over half of the people consider me a girl. (Some other said I must be a boy acting like a girl, but honestly, I was just doing me)

And even the times when I serviced in military as MP without saying actual thing but giving a few clues like "I catch outlaws of my place and enforce rules", one of them thought I was a policewoman. I even showed him my lower half pic with uniforms, it only made him be more certain that I am a policewoman. Plus, I'm nocturnal, he knows it, and he thinks now I am a night patroller, lol.

Don't worry, I'm never going too far with people's misunderstanding. When it has to face the truth, I'll gladly tell them the truth. Because I wasn't telling lies but it was only their fantasies. My opinion.

Did I mention I had more bfs than gfs in the past? And believe me, the emotions were real.

After all, being judged as someone who isn't the true me is the best compliment I would appreciate UwU (I never mean copying anyone else, that's a turn off)

Trust me, however you think I am, it must be better than who I am actually.
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I was born into a lower caste in my country so compliments were particularly not common and the bulk of interactions I had with other people was them giving me dirty looks. IRL the only real compliment I got was when my employer of one of my part time jobs said that "You aren't entirely useless" because I could perform my job at least a little better than my co-workers.


a compliment that got stuck with me is that i lost my prev job due another company that took over the gig wherefor i got fired but the new company got kicked out and they asked me to come back ^^"


a compliment that got stuck with me is that i lost my prev job due another company that took over the gig wherefor i got fired but the new company got kicked out and they asked me to come back ^^"
didnt go back tho as i found a better job in mean while xD


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Someone in a club a while back complimented my dancing and asked if I'd be willing to be in a clip. I'm too shy for that, but it made me feel less nervous about being seen.