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Computer is acting odd


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The computer isn't loading large websites anymore... It doesn't attempt to even try with Facebook, Youtube, and Yahoo and half tries with Tumblr (doesn't load pictures). Google searching is impossible as it never loads.

It's working fine here and my 3DS can access the other sites just fine so I know it's the computer.

My sister told me the other day about a virus the comp had so I installed Avast (hearing good reviews about it). We also disabled Internet Explorer because we never use it and it keeps creating spam.

I uninstalled Avast but the problem remained.

Is it something to do with that wretched Internet Explorer? I really don't know much about computers so I need your guys' help. ^^;


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Could be. I know certain programs (such as Steam) require IE to function properly, however that shouldn't be affecting other browsers' capability to load certain sites. Maybe you should try enabling IE again.

What do you mean it keeps creating spam? It shouldn't be doing anything at all if it's not active.


Lazy Artist
Ok, I'll try reactivating the bugger.

It kept saving all these temp files. Tons of them. Some of them the computer warned were dangerous. (none of us ever use the thing)

Also, AVG says we're in the clear. I'll try ie and reactivate I guess.

Edit: I reactivated it and everything is fine again.

How can I stop it from creating all those temp. files though? D;
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Hit 'em right between the eyes
Google is your friend.


Lazy Artist
I'll try it a few more times. Deactivating ie was one of the solutions I found. Another didn't do anything. I'll try again though. Stupid ie.


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Its oviously cursed. call a gypsy from your nearest village or carnival to check it out. you might need to buy some bone dust and goat blood for her in advance otherwise she cant perform the ritual! if that doesnt work then try dipping it in holy water


Is it a browser addon?

Or you can delete temp files after each session in the internet options.