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Computer stuttering and freezing?


resident spaceship
I've been having this problem a lot, just lately. I can't even play games or watch simple Youtube videos (for the most part) because of it.

The only new things I run are Trillian and Magicjack, and it still does this when I end their processes.
Nothing else has changed (to my knowledge).

Every time I look up this problem, all I read is "Run virus scans!" and I've done that with Spybot, Ad Aware, and AVG several times.
I've stopped unnecessary programs from running at startup through MSconfig.
I've cleaned the registry.
I've cleared temp files.
I've defragged.

I'm about to chuck this piece of shit through the window, I swear.

Specs are:
Gateway running Windows 7 32-bit
3 GB ram
Processor is 1.80 GHz dual Pentium
196 GB free memory space

And please don't give me a generic "GATEWAYS R SHYT REPLASE IT LOL" because I'm too poor for that, and it's worked fine before.


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Hmm, usually stuttering and things of that nature are because of either a driver problem or because of a bad hard drive or drive cable (running in "PIO" mode, which in simple terms requires the CPU to OK every bit of data that passes through it). It can be a little difficult to trace, but there may be a few things you can do to try to narrow it down.

Firstly, what is the model of your Gateway? If I have the full specification sheet in front of me, I can make a much better guess as to what might be going wrong. Also, is it a desktop or a laptop? How old is it?

But all that aside, if you notice stuttering, try this: Hold the Windows Key and hit R, and type eventvwr.msc and hit Enter/OK. In the new window, look under Windows Logs->System, and then look in around the time it occurred; If you notice any warnings or errors, make note of them! They may be very telling.

Also, when was the last time you dusted out the computer? Heat can also cause problems; A good dusting with a can of compressed air can make a world of difference. If it's a desktop, don't be afraid to pop the side off and dust the guts out - It needs it! I recommend doing this once a month.


Nerdy Mouse
I was thinking driver problem too. There is software you can get that goes through and updates all your drivers for you, but if you just hit the usual places and update each one it should help. Also, check your screen's refresh rate if it somehow got set to less than 60hz then that can cause some herky-jerkyness. Alternatively if you have it set higher than your video card can handle then that could likewise cause issues.

edit: By the way, what IS your video card in this machine?
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And as per a common suggestion of mine, I would also say to boot it up on a live CD and try some of the stuff that normally crashes it. If you use one like Linux Mint, it'll play Youtube/flash videos right off the CD without any need to grab additional software. If things play fine without any freezes or shutdowns, then at least you know the problem is localized to Windows 7, and is quite likely driver related as RuneFox points out.

Duality Jack

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Typically with old machines it pays to back everything up you really need (and toss the rest) and reformat it once a couple years at least. Cleans shit out better then any other possible method, then when you put the shit you backed up back on it, defrag it and clean. Sense I use a shitty netbook with little hard drive space I end up doing it once a couple months.


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Quick question: How old is your computer? Maybe it needs a new processor?

She mentioned it was a 1.8GHz dual core, so not that old. And the processor's speed would not cause a problem like that unless it were dramatically older.


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Well, all I can say is that Windows will do that. Read Runefox's post several times, as it was clearly written by a guru that came from India and proceeded to steal Runefox's password.

By this I mean it has much wisdom, young grasshoppa.