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Conbadge For FWA.

The Walkin Dude

Now with 20% more boring...
I hate to do this on short notice, but I still need one. I didn't really plan on going to a con until later in the summer, but this trip just kinda fell into my lap. At any rate I just need someone to come up with a conbadge for me. I'll laminate it and shit, I just don't have a pic to use.

Any takers?

Post here with a price and an expected completion time.

Many thanks.



I can do one for $25, digitally coloured and shaded. Check my paw for examples of my work. :)

Depending on your own time limit, I'd prioritise it if you need it fast and otherwise I'd finish up some older commissions first.




Anime Artist
I can do a waist up digital con-badge that you will have to print yourself.
The cost would only be $6 with no background.
And I can do it within a few hours after your acceptance.

I do traditional conbadges for $5 (+$1 P&P) Examples below.


The Walkin Dude

Now with 20% more boring...
Okay. I've informed the artist I chose to do the commission for me.

Many thanks to everyone who posted. It was a tough choice.

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