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Confessions thread

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:c no

also yeh human babies are gross af until a couple months later when they look all fat and adorable. but newborns? fuck that shit, and anybody who says newborns are cute is a goddamn liar.

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No like
Shut up
You don't even know

I grew up on a farm

Did you? Me too. (Mostly crop though) I knew you and I were the most vocal country gals on this forum. But no, goats are like...ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Although, I'd rather see them than baby humans. Exploding Vagina Parasites.


with scrunched up faces and baggy eyelids and wrinkly everything
*shudder* it's a wonder so many of them survive to reach the "cute" stage; if that came out of my body, i might feel compelled to eat it.


dammit those were private photos

:s seriously though, i can understand why hamsters do what they do. "i expended all my nutrients and energy for THAT? not worth it, put it back."


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Haven't talked to my crush in a while, and it's eating me up. We've always waited to see who would talk first and then we get angry at each other, and it turns into a stupid competition to see who will cave first. Love turns people into dumbasses, and I feel like a dumbass.

Guess I'll have to make the move again this time.


I confess that I am slightly upset that the band I love has gotten more popular so quickly all of the sudden. Why?
Because it was... my band. And now there are new people, suddenly coming out of nowhere, people I do not care about or know, stating that they like this band as well.
Really? Were you there when the band was still taking it's baby steps? Did you buy the early albums so they could keep playing and improving? I bet you haven't even listened to their early production. You jumped on the wagon when they started to become more popular. And you call yourself a fan. I spit on thee! I went across the globe to a metropolitan city I have never been in before, ever, with a population greater than the population of my entire country, to listen to this band that came from the same country as myself!
( All this was possible because I got the best birthday gift ever! ♥♥♥♥♥ )

... I am aware that feeling this way even in the slightest is completely irrational and makes me sound like a giant hipster. Should I not be happy that the band I love is doing great, doing great music and people love it?
It is a bit of mixed feelings, I mean I am very happy to see they are doing great. But at the same time I feel a little... jealous. Which is stupid, I don't OWN the band. I wasn't the very first fan they had. I don't know the band members personally. But still, I feel a hint of jealousy. Which is silly.

Despite all that, I am more happy than I am jealous. I am so very happy they are doing great! And I hope they get bigger and get more fans until the entire world knows them.
But I will feel a bit jealous.

Just a tiny bit~


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And yet, you and me have had a close friendship all these years. C'est rien, vraiment; et ton langue est beau.


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And yet, you and me have had a close friendship all these years.
I suppose 'allienate' was too strong a word; lately, I've been choosing them very poorly. I meant that more as in 'confuse'.
And yes, we have.

EDIT: Oh là là, parles-tu Français, SIX?
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C'est rien, vraiment; et ton langue est beau.

I think you meant: Ce n'est rien vraiment. Et ta langue est belle. (which is formulated in a way that makes "langue" ambiguous between "language" and "tongue")

EDIT: Oh là là, parles-tu Français, SIX?

When you're talking familiarly there's no need to invert subject and verb in a question. Written this way it sounds posh. You might want to try: "Oh là là, tu parles Français SIX?"
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