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Confessions thread

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I haven't found an answer yet
i needed that ban more than i thought looking at the past month

Hey, you're back ^.^. Glad you're doing better.

I was complemented on looking in good shape yesterday, which disturbs me cause I'm definitely fatter than was when I earlier saw those people. They're not making fun of me, but I'm not sure how to feel about that.


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Welcome back, Evan.

Weekends like this make me wish I didn't have two careers. Also, photography assigments are a hassle, even if they're fun to make.


I respected fallow.

My confession is sometimes I am very in touch with what I hold important in myself, very wise and kind with an ability to look on situations from an outside view... But it is a struggle to be that way. It seems to come and go and all I can do is my best to get back to it.

I've worked hard to make sure my silat is not so ethereal.


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I confess that I don't wish to see fallowfox return because that would mean he would have to waste time on this hell hole.

I also confess that I hate people who shoutcast their fetish an kinks at the drop of the hat and that I enjoy dragging them into the metaphorical pond known as ridicule.


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When my friends leave their stuff unattended I like to move things around; like flip them over, move them inches to the right/left etc... I just find it funny for some strange reason...


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I confess that I like everything in Wagner's Parsifal, except for the plot, and especially the way it treats the only important female character. Inlike Kundry a lot, and it makes me sad Wagner squanders her in Act III the way he does: by silencing her altogether. If she were given the Good Friday speech instead if Gurnemanz, that opera could be redeemed in my eyes.


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In Starbound, I had to use Google to figure out how to place background blocks. I just got the game yesterday.
Also, the character creation screen is broken from all the custom species I added, most of which were in a pack for a server I checked out.


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I finally got rid of my traced avatar (Yes it was traced, feel free to shame me :(), and I replaced it with actual OC

Butters Shikkon

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We needed a new Hyena on the forums anyway.


I've been getting way too excited about a future puppy. I had a dream last night about one but then got sad that it was a dream.




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Heyyy I have a Q
I recognized the art style but couldn't put my finger on it. Who drew the original?

The avatar i have now or the one i had earlier? I drew the one I'm currently using. I guess the style was slightly inspired by the show Invader Zim​ (in fact I take quite a lot of inspiration from that show), although I didn't intentionally mean to copy any sort of style when i drew it, but instead practice my own.

If you meant the one i had earlier, I shamefully regret that I ripped it off of Deviant Art (I don't even remember the artist). I then traced it and shaded it.
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Noo the one you had earlier
I like your current one btw, I love the cartoony style!

Lol thanks. i ripped the former off of DA...
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