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Confessions thread

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Drunken Irish Snow Leopard
I normally don't like dogs, but I have fallen in love with my mothers dog Sally (or as I like to call her The Beast from West Meath)


More Metal Than You !!!
I did put band aids and neosporin and shiz on it so Im all good. It'll probably hurt worse later when whatever pain inhibitors wear off though >:T but I seem to have a pretty good pain tolerance apparently. I have a large burn scar on my arm and when I got that it only hurt a little, too.

Fun fact: third degree burns are painless.


Lost in the Static
When I was in Scouts, I would get yelled at for throwing random leaves in the campfire, as leaves produce heavy smoke.
I also was bullied a lot by a few of the kids, and when it got physical, I had to tell the Scoutmaster. Some of the kids in my Troop were some of the most unscoutlike kids out there.
But hey, I'm friends with a bunch of other former Scouts, so I have that going for me.


Always tired
I confess I put too much mustard on my sandwich that I'm eating right now and my nose really really hurts oh my fucking god

But hey, I'm friends with a bunch of other former Scouts, so I have that going for me.
I swear only 50% of kids who ever went to scouts actually found it a positive experience. What happened after you told the scoutmaster about being bullied?


Lost in the Static
The Scoutmaster made an announcement about it, keeping the names anonymous. Kind of like, "I have heard of some bullying going on. Please stop." Or something like that, I don't quite remember. There was still one or two kids that were pricks after that, but it wasn't as intense.


When I was 8 or 9 I stole a penny (I gave it back later and I do feel bad about the whole thing).

Reading that it sounds a bit silly, but that one action snowballed unexpectedly.


When I was younger I used to go to a very nice camping. One day, I have no idea why, I go to the camping owner's house, I enter in the most casual way immaginable, I find a purse (which turns out to be of the owner's wife), pull out the wallet, steal literally just one euro, go back out. Oddly, no one stops me. The next day they realize someone broke in the owner's freaking house (I was probably caught on a CCTV camera). Luckily, my family was a long time customer of theirs plus I was just a kid so they let it go. Kids tend to do immensely stupid shit. Glad I only did this crap back then and not now, though


Always tired
I'm so fond of Wax. Highland Bulls are cute
I CONFESS THAT YOU DA MAN!!! you fuckin cutie

now imagine combining those together :V
My username is 50% based off of the fact I'd always put styling wax in my hair and all my friends were surprised seeing my with spiked hair one day when my hair was always unstyled before. A few of em called me Waxy. Imagine that shit on a highland bull - so dope.
However with that revelation it's a disappointing truth that my hair is not as long as a highland bull's in real life.
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I can't stand holidays because it requires me to be around my family. I feel so out of place with them and my anxiety is worse at family events than going to a new environment around new people.


One time, when i was about 6 or so, i drank a ton of pure cranberry juice and milk and then i later threw up all over my mother's truck.
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