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Confidence problems and popularity


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I'm having a lot of confidence problems with my art. I feel like no one likes it, and there is no reason to go through the effort drawing the piece and posting it. Like besides my own desire to draw I'm getting nothing else back from all the effort.
I have less than 50 watchers and I've been on FA for fives years and have 150 gallery submissions.
I feel like I should have more watchers by now. Most people with that many watchers haven't posted that much.

Like I just feel like my art is boring and no one likes it.
I want to know if this is the case and I'm overvaluing my art, if I'm doing something wrong, or not doing the things that get me noticed.


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I'm not an artist, but i think you should use some advertisement. Put your FA in your signature, and post it here if you want more people to see it. You should post it on well known social pages like facebook/twitter. After checking out your art, i find it good, so i don't see any problem with it, but still, i can only draw with hand, and it's different.


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Community and discovering features are inexistant on FA :)
I think you'll have a better chance to build a following if you suscribe to dA. There you can submit your work to groups, and dA has a lot more filters on its home page to discover new artists.

Anyway, keep on drawing, don't be afraid to try new styles and technics inspired from the artists you're following, take reference photos you like and mimic their dynamics or color scheme... There's always a way to improve and gain a bigger following!


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I have a couple of questions.

What inspires you to create?

Why do you feel like no one likes your art?

Judge Spear

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I swear, so many of you have the wrong focus.
You're drawing to post instead of drawing to improve. That's your main and only issue. Unless drawing is your livelihood, stop worrying about the numbers. They don't mean anything.

But, I digress...
While there's nothing wrong with posting just to post, there's a lot of nuance to gaining a following beyond spamming your gallery with uploads if the numbers are what you truly care about.
  • Are you consistent about an upload schedule?
  • Are you posting/queuing uploads during peak hours for your respective site?
  • Does your work have "stopping power"; does the composition instantly appeal to people when browsing (appeal is slightly different from quality)?
  • A lot of this is a reciprocal endeavor. Do you offer anything to potential followers; are you doing commissions or projects that they can invest themselves in?
  • Are you consistent in what you show people; have you made your art into a brand where people can immediately stop on a new upload and say "oh, that must be Jalhan's"?
  • Are you drawing popular themes people care about from time to time, be it fanart or generic subject matter currently in the now?
  • Are you even skilled at drawing?
Most of these I'm betting no not to put you down, but...well, you wouldn't have made this thread if the answer was "yes" .
And the answer probably won't be "yes" for a good couple of months or years since most of this takes a lot more time than I think you're giving it credit for. Even if you've been at this for years already. So don't stress it much.

You claim to have a desire to draw, so just work to improve. The followers will come.


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Yeah, I feel ya. While I believe my faults are that I just simply have an inconsistent upload schedule and I need to get involved in communities more often, I've been going as all out as I can to advertise my work. I made a website (that I'm actually trying to fix, which is why I won't post it here yet), posted artwork at least 4 times a month, made several accounts, been advertising that I do commissions everywhere, using tags, but not much has sprouted since I planted the seeds in late 2017. I didn't expect anything out of me to happen overnight, but I
too feel a little hopeless since trying to share my art.

Also, I think XoPachi's comment is on point with what you should be focusing on! I'll take that advice as well.