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Connor Coyote's - Facts and Thoughts

Connor J. Coyote

Well-Known Member
Well anyways, putting some of things I read from earlier today aside, I got to thinking tonight about what I should do to close things up for myself here..... and I figured before it's too late on here - this being the last day of not only this Forum but also 2022 - is to close things out on my own threads, of course. ☺

I understand it might be seen as a bit "short-sighted" by some for doing so, but I figured I'd close things out for myself on here on my own threads specifically - as I greatly appreciated the opportunity to create threads (such as this) for myself on places such as this over the years - which has been an excellent and fulfilling way for me to reflect on myself and the larger World around me.

This Forum has had it's moments for me over the last ten years that I've been a member on here. Some times were good, some times were hard for me (due to conflicts I had with some other users), some times were comical, and other times were even scary and bizaare.

But at the end of the day I still enjoyed many of the things I did on here for myself (and the people I care about); and I still stuck around as a user - experiencing both the "highs and the lows" of my membership...... probably to chagrin of those that may want to criticize me, and to the enjoyment of those who might follow me and may like me. ☺

In any case.... I'm not so sure if I'll "miss" things here as they say...... (but who knows) over time, maybe I will.

Looking back on things, I'd probably say that my time (on here) was an overall good experience for me. And yeah, looking back on things also (in all honesty) I probably could've done some things differently with some other users - in how we interacted with one another.

But I can't say I have too many regrets either..... and hindsight is always "twenty twenty" as they say...... and so, in regards to my account on here (and everyone else's account on here for tha matter) - all things must come to an end eventually also. ☺

I'm not a Discord user myself currently (like a few other people on here)...... and so, it looks like my time interacting with some of these other users - may be coming to an end also..... and that could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how one looks at it.

And so, what the next chapter will be for me personally (within the confines of social media) probably remains to be seen. Perhaps I'll take a complete social media break for a while....... and not participate in much else except for my personal interests.

Or....... perhaps I'll join a few other websites in the future; or...... simply keep my focus on my artwork more and on my writings more, and on my Fandom interests only that's on the main page...... but who knows there yet either.

The last nearly ten years have been quite a rollercoaster of experiences for me: a mixture of awesome experiences, some not so nice experiences, some stressful experiences (arguing with other users at times), and even the occasional comical ones as well.

In any case..... no matter what happened in the past and no matter what I may do for myself in the future - I never had, and never will - felt I needed to apologize to anyone for what I needed to say for myself, for what I felt I needed to do for myself, and for what I believed in...... (and this has always applied to both the people and issues I care about in my life).

And when anyone may take into consideration all that above....... that type of user is one very well rounded member on any platform, I must say.