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Main Site Consider Alternative to ReCaptcha?

Here's a blog post regarding switching from ReCaptcha but a big crux of it is privacy reasons, Google's whole business model is targeting users with advertising and selling data. Switching to an alternative Captcha provider could be better in order to handle user privacy better, it's also better if anyone's using TOR since ReCaptcha can often give people trouble if they're trying to browse through anything like that, I've sometimes found it freezing and giving me issues using regular Firefox as well where it's either slow or doesn't work at all, which prevents me from logging in at all.

One alternative I can suggest is HCaptcha, which is from Cloudflare, which according to their post doesn't collect personal data, performs better, works even in regions and browsers where Google either doesn't work well or is just blocked altogether.

I think it would be good in order to better respect the privacy of the sites users.


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Hello. It would be best to submit this as a Trouble Ticket as it's not something the forum moderation can give input on.


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We appreciate the input. We've heard some feedback on the captcha requirements and limitations, especially from FA community members from China. We've recently just upgraded to the latest invisible Recaptcha, so we're likely not going to change it immediately due to the time investment, but it's something we can can keep in mind for the future.


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ReCaptcha is the easiest to install, so everyone uses it. I also use it for this project. Using another captcha is questionable as it requires additional settings.
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