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Constructive criticism wanted


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Hello! I'm looking to improve my art to get more commissions (also-first post! hello!)
Here are some of my art I'm looking to get critiqued! Anything helps!
(also commissions are open if anyone is interested pricing starts at $5 for a quick icon-dm for prices)

Past death.jpg
1shade headshot1.png


I'm posting multiple styles so that I may find out what people might like better!
Thank you for your time!!


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@DeisoriBug Hello and welcome on the forums (yeah I'm a bit late XD)

You've got really nice art in my opinion! It's interesting to see so many different styles.
I'll begin by saying the thing that I see in every of your pictures and that can be improves. It's the finish touches. I could reword this by "find the point of your image that you let down and refine it". I'll put the list of those unrefined points, one for each of the images you sent in spoiler just below for more readability (keep in mind this is just my opinion ;) )
Before you read though, I should say that your art is nice and that those unrefined points make it seems of less quality in my opinion, which is a bit sad. A lot of other things can be improved of course (we can always perfect ourselves) but I think that this may be the easiest improvement and the one that would add a lot of values not only to your current art but also for all your future art.
I hope you'll find that useful. If you want a deeper criticism on one of your piece, don't hesitate to ask.
  1. The tearing of the shirt looks unfinished. I can see that this is not meant to be a clean drawing, but that's the most unfinished part in my opinion since it's central on the piece so it stands out and take too much the attention of the viewer. In my opinion it stands out that much cause it's a really angular shape that contrasts with the rounder lines of the body.
  2. The scribble in the neck. Yeah just that, but it catches my attention cause it's an unfinished part that seems to have no reason to exist.
  3. The line thickness of the butt part. The back of the leg and butt have a line which change of thickness in the middle, with is the only spot it does that. That feels off to me
  4. Balance of levels. That ones a bit tricky, but if you can't put your work under a good light or play with the levels of luminosity to make your art looks at his best, then it's a bit sad for this art.
  5. I have mixed feelings about this one. I would say the color which stick out of the face (so the light blue). For me it feels like it's not intentional since it breaks a lot the interest of the face shape, but I may be wrong.
  6. Same than 5, you didn't care enough to stop your colors from sticking out of the shapes they belong to, which is sad cause the line is really cool!
  7. Two of the same idea: cut outline and framing. You framed your picture in a rectangle that cut part of the white outline of the wings on the side and there's part of the outline missing on the hair. Really clean result except for that ^^
  8. Line of the glasses. The eyes should be the center of attention but with the dark lines of the glasses that weren't cleaned even just a bit, it looks not that good in my opinion.
  9. Line of the ear. Why is it unfinished?
  10. Unfinished hair? I'm not sure if it's hair. The curl on the left of her face.