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Content Creators and Speech and Expression


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Thing I’d like to note: sometimes posting “political” things may not so much be about an artist wanting to spread their own political views/ideology. When you have a platform (and this applies more to artists with a sizable following), using that platform to lift the issues faced by vulnerable populations is something that some people feel is a social responsibility. Which I guess in itself is a matter of ideology to some degree, but not so much in a political sense.

There’s also an issue of the potential hit to an artist’s reputation if they feature art for people known for less than positive things. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, note, especially if it’s paid work; guilt by association sucks. At best repeat gift art can be a hint about what company someone keeps. So for some artists making very clear that they hold certain values may actually make good business sense, as it may discourage people who may end up hurting their reputation in the long run.

I don’t think there’s a tidy answer to any of this. There’s too many reasons to do one thing or the other, and how one ranks those reasons is individual. If it were as simple as “maximize number of potential customers” artists wouldn’t have “won’t draw” lists, either, or at least not ones containing things that are relatively speaking pretty innocuous (if you want to factor in the possibility that being willing to draw certain content may drive off more customers than it attracts).

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I would add that we're hyper-saturated in politics basically everywhere on social media, particularly if you're American in the last 5 years. Probably worse if you aren't, given that any American-based site (e.g. IMGUR) was just endless posts about how bad a certain person was who wasn't even your problem. People generally browse art to escape, so the harsh response highlighted in the OP is very much a reaction to the times.


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Considering what some people have said in here after OP provided some further clarification / examples, as well as the examples cited by the thread in general (versus at times suspiciously vague and non-descript “You know, things I don’t want to see / that are political” that goes out of the way to refuse to clarify)...

Damn, it must be nice to live a life wherein the worst consequences one can think of for silence and / or vocalness on artists talking about or including “Poitical” subject matters is “Might hypothetically lose a couple customers” or “Need to spend ten more seconds to find a funny meme to share”. Where the only logically perceived relevance to an author’s work performative.

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