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Contol of "roleplaying"?


Herbivoraceous Musician

I tend to roleplay a lot, and it always mixes with my real situation (to the point where I just act "me").
And I'm starting to get self-concious when roleplaying so.

Should I be? If so, how should I level my roleplay?

Thanks in advance, you all.


Feral tendencies, cuddle at your own risk
Stop and think about your characters characteristics before you do or say anything.

Eventually you will get accustomed to thinking of what they would do in any given situation.

As for being self conscious, i'm not too sure what to say about that, if playing your own characteristics within your character makes you feel uncomfortable, i say all the more reason to put yourself in your characters shoes during a role play.

Just remember when all is said and done you are unfortunately still human : 3

Deleted member 82554

I don't RP myself anymore, many seem to use it as a means to makes friends and that's a terrible idea. Plus many seem to not understand the concept of boundaries and attempt to turn it into something it is not.


Herbivoraceous Musician
Perhaps I should'nt really ponder on this. This isn't really a big deal, unless...
(Now I'm considering to get rid of this thread. It seems redundant.)