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Controversial Webcomics

Liseran Thistle

This is a thread detailing webcomics that have been deemed controversial from some past drama they have had. The first, and only, webcomic I know of that has had such a reputation is Floraverse (Or Seeds: A Mini Story)

This webcomic had a lot of drama going on, and I don't want to post about it here because this part of the forum is usually happy, so if you want to add on, please just link to the drama instead of talking about it in length, that way people can just read for themselves if they're interested in knowing.

I was a huge fan of this comic, and I thought the art was super cute and everything. I even recommended it to some of my friends, but seeing how I was front and center when all that shit went down on tumblr and twitter, ohhhh boy it was awful.

I don't recommend reading Floraverse at all now to anyone, because the creators will still get revenue from people reading it.

Melanie Herring - Lolcow Wiki