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Convention Schedules


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*Remaining 2010 Furry Convention Schedule*

Date TBA
- Perthfur Gathering: Perth, Western Australia http://gathering.perthfurs.net/

- Camp Feral: 1st-5th Algonquin Park Ontario Canada http://www.campferal.org/
- Eurofurence: 1st-5th Magdeburg Sachsen-Anhalt Germany http://www.eurofurence.org/
- Mephit Furmeet: 3rd-5th Olive Branch, Mississippi http://www.mephitfurmeet.org/
- Central Midwest Furmeet: 11th-12th Clinton Lake, Kansas http://s1.zetaboards.com/Central_Midwest_Furs/index/
- RainFurrest: 24th-26th Seattle, Washington http://www.rainfurrest.org/
- FurJam: 24th-26th Sydney, New South Wales, Australia http://www.furjam.org/

-Atheria: 1st-3rd Los Angeles, California http://www.antheria.org/
-Western PA Furry Weekend: 1st-3rd Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania http://www.wpafw.org/
- RADFur: 1st-3rd Adelaide, South Australia http://radfur.safurs.net/index.php
- Elliotts Fall Festival: 23rd -24th Kissimmee, Florida http://ele.furryhost.com/ (MAY NOT BE FINALIZED, CHECK SITE FOR UPDATES)
- Oklacon: 28th- Nov 1st Roman Nose State Park, Watonga Oklahoma http://www.oklacon.com/
- FurFright 29th-31 Cromwell, Connecticut http://www.furfright.org/

- Golden Leaves Con: 4th -7th Langenbruck, Basel-Country Switzerland (no website)
-RBW: 5th-7th Canary Wharf, London, England http://www.rbw.org.uk/
- Midwest Furfest: 19th -21st Rosemont, Illinois http://www.furfest.org/
- FurcoNZ: 26th -29th Hunua Ranges in Papakura District, Auckland, New Zealand http://www.furconz.org.nz/

-MiDFur: 2nd-5th Melbourne, Victoria, Australia http://www.midfur.com.au/
-Furry Cruise: 4th-9th Ft. Lauderdale, Florida http://www.furrycruise.com/

*2011 Furry Convention Schedule*

Date TBA
-Rocky Mountain Fur Con: Denver, Colorado http://www.rockymountainfurcon.org/ (currently offline)
-Condition: Zero Hour: London, Ontario, Canada http://www.conditionfurry.ca/
-Confuzzled: Didsbury, Greater Manchester, England

-South Afrifur meet: 7th-15th Port Elizabeth, South Africa (no website)
-Further Confusion: 13th-17th San Jose, California http://www.furtherconfusion.org/

-PafCon: 25th-27th Las Vegas, Nevada https://www.pafcon.com/
-Furry Fiesta: 25th-27th Dallas, Texas http://www.furryfiesta.org/

-Furry Weekend Atlanta: TBA Atlanta, Georgia http://www.furryweekend.com/
-Abando: 5th-8th
São Roque, São Paulo Brazil http://www.abando.com.br/2011/english/
-Furnal Equinox: 11th-13th Toronto, Ontario, Canada http://www.furnalequinox.com/

-Wild Nights: TBA Robbers' Cave State Park, Oklahoma http://wildnights.org/
-Furry Down Under: 15th-17th Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia http://www.furrydownunder.com/

-FA:United 4: 20th-22nd Mt. Laurel, New Jersey http://www.faunited.org/

-BerliCon: TBA Berlin, Germany http://www.berlicon.org/
-What The Fur: 3rd-5th Montreal, Quebec, Canada http://whatthefur.ca/home_e.php
-Califur: 3rd-5th Irvine, California http://www.califur.com/

-Anthrocon: 23rd-26th Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania http://www.anthrocon.org/

-ScotiaCon: 15th-17th Inverness, Scotland http://www.scotiacon.com/
-Megaplex: 29th-31st Kissimmee, Florida http://www.megaplexcon.org/

-IndyFurCon: 12th-14th Indianapolis, Indiana http://www.indyfurcon.com/

-Oklacon: 27th-31st Watonga, Oklahoma
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Why are there two Septembers?I'm pretty you forgot to add december for the second one =O


The Uncanny Metal-Head
I hope I can make it to Anthrocon this year. D:

Eerie Silverfox

You are my furend
Is a convention any event or does it have to meet certain criteria?


Dracabbit Spotted!
Just to let y'all know, I-CON is actually March 26th - 28th

^.^ ill be there ^.^


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I had no idea that there was a con in Connecticut! Hell I was born in CT and am only an hour and 45 minutes away from that con. Hell I live right next to I91 here in Vermont, its just a straight shot down for me...Damn now I HAVE to go, fursuit or not I am going.


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Furry Connection North is in Novi, as it was last year. Novi, Michigan, Sheraton Hotel, 8 mile and Haggerty, at the 8 mile I-275 exit.


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wow i never knew that most of the bigger ones were actually in my vicinity... hm.


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I think you pasted September twice.


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Dang, the closest ones to Arizona are just the California ones. '-.-


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Dang, the closest ones to Arizona are just the California ones. '-.-

RMFC isn't too far from Arizona either. (A drive to Texas is only about 17 hours from Denver, and that's driving through New Mexico). You may want to check it out! ^^


The Goofy Destroyer
Ive always wanted to go to a convention but i was wondering whats it like at one?


Hai Thar.
Would you be able to post Central Midwest Furmeet on there on September?
Thanks a billion dude.:cool:;)


It may not be a whole Furry themed con but i've seen furs there before and even fursuiters. The San Diego Comic Convention starts next month....oops, this month seeing as how today is July 1st. ^^

Stargazer Bleu

2b forgot is worse than death
It may not be a whole Furry themed con but i've seen furs there before and even fursuiters. The San Diego Comic Convention starts next month....oops, this month seeing as how today is July 1st. ^^

I think there was a page on FA main site saying there would be a fur meeting spot here and and maybe the anime expo as well.


Our OP seems to be AWOL so I updated it, added 2011 cons, and websites for all cons.

EDIT: Finished updating, if you know something I don't then please say so.
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