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Cooking Thread


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I have found a few recipes for Boiled Chicken. its an oddity by our standards but in some place of the world its normal


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I'm a head cook at my day job, been in kitchens for around 4 years now. By the time I come home the last thing I want to do is cook. Usually just make some rice, steam some veg and cook up some kind of protein. Whatever I have on hand and is easiest. For breakfast nothing beats refried beans, eggs, salsa and avocado on toast for me though. Alot of people think that's a weird combo for some reason, then again I guess I'm kinda weird so...


Two recipes. Easy to make, cheap, tasty and what's the most important requiring only one pan (or wok) and one saucepan (so it isn't generating shitton of dirty dishes what's the most important for me). Can't give more (carp in poverty, pork loin in poverty, fartmaster roast and turbo-pancakes), at least photos - cause they're already published somewhere else and I don't want someone to google my name. Fick dich furfagets :p

I. Beef shoulder in poverty ('in poverty' is the nickname I'm giving to every meal that's basing on onion and garlic - simply because those two were the determinant of poverty... umm, since the antiquity?)

Ingredients (I'm not specifying the amounts, imo everyone has their own preferences)
- beef shoulder meat
- onion
- garlic
- red beans
- tomatoes (the smaller and sweetier the better, as long as they're not dessert tomatoes it's all ok)
- red dry wine (personally I'm using chianti 2013, it's a bad year, but it makes it perfect for it because of its' tangy taste)
- lemon
- canola oil (seriously, olive oil is overrated)
- spices (I'm not reccomending any, everyone has their own preferences, personally I like my meals spicy)
- dried cranberries

Important! We begin our preparations at least 24 h before making the meal. Cut the onion, crush the garlic and throw it together with the meat into an airtight container for at least 24 hours (when I'm making fish it's at least 48 hours)
Spill the oil on the pan, and warm it up to the absolute maximum. Throw the onion (the same onion that was together with the meat in the container). Important: onion has no right to become soft, as soon as it blushes you need to throw in the pieces (chopped into chunks of the the size of a thumb) of meat. Fry it on the maximum for a little while to close the pores in meat (thanks to it meat will remain juicy), after that add sqiushed garlic and continue simmering it on the minimum. When the beef starts letting out the juice and stinking (at least in my opinion beef during the frying stinks) add a bit of red wine (so there is ca 2-3cm layer of the wine on the den of the pan). Fry it on the maximum untill the wine evaporates. In the meanwhile ready up the tomatoes. Squeeze them delicately, so they burst and let out juice. Tomatoes must remain whole! Place them on the pan. Important: tomatoes must do not touch the pan! They need to lie ON the meat and onion. Thanks to that they'll lose all the juice and, when we'll finish, they'll become like jelly, easy to eat, even when using only fork (also they'll become a nice colour accent, as you can see them on the picture). Add cranberry. Simmer it on the minimum untill meat becomes pleasantly soft (add wine if needed). When the meat is ready remove garlic and add (thoroughtly rinsed) beans (if they're canned, if they're fresh you'll need to boil them first). Squeeze the lemon, add wine and fry in on the maximum, untill the wine evaporates. Finish it at the very moment when the meal begins scorching.

Lay the dish on the plates and deglaze the pan using the red wine. Pour it to the saucepan using the strainer and then thicken it using flour (you know, the same as with roux). Pout the sauce on the meat... and it's ready.

About the salad... On the photo there is the simpliest variant of the greek salad with the chineese cabbage and pepper. But, personally I'd like to recommend the salad that's that's basing on spinach, ie. fresh spinach (it doesn't have any taste just like lettuce, so don't worry), tomatoes, olives, olive oil, feta cheese and lemon juice.

- no rice
- no pasta
- cheap
- tasty
- satiating
- not fattening
- providing everything you need
- umm.... I'm the author? Generates fascism?


[second one later, I need to go now]
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Heating element in our oven needs replaced ): so crock-pot brownies are a go! :)
Also making a tuna-noodle dish on top the stove.


I can cook, and everyone else should be able to by using a recipe. Just follow the instructions.


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I made my first scrambled egg yesterday in 20 years of existence...
But besides that, I help my family in the kitchen a lot, and have cooked pasta, sauces, deserts and rices, among other things, just rarely by myself.


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I started a diet plan this year called the 21 Day Fix (cliche, I know, New Years diets n such) and they had a recipe for an awesome rub for meat that tastes pretty good. I swapped in basil by accident instead of thyme because I could've sworn that's what I had grabbed but still tastes good.

-4 tsp garlic powder
-2 tsp onion powder
-2 tsp mustard powder
-1/4 tsp thyme (or basil in my case)
-1/2 tsp black pepper
-1 tsp sea salt

I tried it as a rub on some beef sirloins and ahhhhh


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I'm a commis chef working in a Michelin Star restaurant in Manhattan for my externship. Whenever I'm selected to make a dish for family meal, I'm paralyzed with fear. My cooking skills at home are fine (some would say great, but I don't see it), but I never know what to do in that situation.

It stinks. Especially because of my performance anxiety around all these intimidatingly excellent cooks.
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Sourdrough black bread (for Trekkie): may contain mistakes, I'm not familiar with cuisine vocabulary.

For each 500g of bread:

2 teaspoons of cumin (and/or other spices)
350g of whole-wheat rye sour
150g of bread rye sour
300ml of water (room temperature)
1 teaspoon of salt

and whatever (whole) grains you like, I prefer to use flax and sunflower and some special ingredients: garlic, olives, pumpkin. Use whatever you like it doesn't really mater. You can even use cinnamon and honey and/or berries or pieces of fruits if you'd like to make it sweet.

I: Sourdrough
You need to prepare it a day before baking the bread.
Take 50g of liquid active leaven, add 4 spoons of whole-whear rye sour and 80ml of water. Combine it and leave for 10 hours.
After that time add some more sour (1-2 spoons) and 60ml of water

You can use the sourdrough only after it bloats

II: Bread

Take 2-3 spoons of sour and roast it on the pan so it becomes dark brown - it's for the colour (don't sear it)
Smash spices in the mortar
Dissolve salt in the water and then add rest of the ingredients to the sourdrough (only after it bloats)
The texture of the mass should be more or less loose
Cover the moulds in oil and fill them to the half of their capacity
Put them into a warm place (+30*C, putting them on the radiator should be enough) and wait till the mass growths - it should fill the moulds to the brim.

III: Baking
15 mins in 250*C with air flow then
30 mins in 200*C w/o air flow then
20 mins in 180*C w/o af
It's important to bake it a lil bit longer if you stuffed it with additional wet ingredients, you'll need to compensate for the additional water they brought.

Take it out from the moulds, put it on the back, wait till it cools down (don't eat hot bread under any circumstances!)

Bread should be a little damp in the inside. It should last well, actually forever - instead of going mouldy it wil just lose all the water - unless you use too much soft additions (pumpkin, olives etc). But even when totally stale and brick-like it should be perfectly edible (doesn't apply to the bread with soft additions).

Important: colour of the bread in the inside may vary from the greenish-grey (happens when you use a lot of whole grains) to brown. You can change the colour by adding a bit of cocoa or berry juice. Natural black bread IS NOT black.
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I have a huge Burrito love. Ever since a Mexican snack bar moved into town I have fallen in love with them, I ask you oh mighty FAF cooks. Share me a recipe for an epic Beef burrito.


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Somehow I rarely feel like cooking outside of my job. I don't know what is wrong with me. At least I've nearly perfected several of the new meringue techniques I've been developing!


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I'm too lazy to do any hard work in the kitchen :p
But anything with eggs is nice and fish always work.


Omgsh, a cooking thread! -drools- I have a great recipe for chicken breasts, it's more for those who have a sweet tooth eheh. XD

Pineapple chicken

When it's done

What it'll look like in the crockpot


  • 4-6 Large/Medium Size Chicken Breast (Skinless & Boneless)
  • 1 Can Pineapple Chunks
  • 3 Tablespoon Honey or Sweet & Sour Sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon Soysauce
  • ½ Cup Brown Sugar
  • 2 Teaspoons Ground Ginger
  • Cornstarch (don't add this in with the above, it's only used to thicken the sauce at the end xD)

Place thawed chicken in crockpot, add ingredients (you can blend all them together beforehand, though I prefer to sprinkle the brown sugar & ginger over the chicken after all the liquids are in).

Have the setting on high for the first hour, and then turn it to low for six hours (7hrs total roughly). Remove the chicken after it's done; place the liquid sauce in a small pot (medium heat on stove). Mix cornstarch & cold water together, adding it to the sauce for thickening till brown.
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The pineapple chicken reminds me if this new recipe my mom tried for Thanksgiving, except chicken it was turkey meatballs and everything was cooked in a slow cooker. Very delicious, will definitely have to try it with chicken.


i made some grits today. :I simple as hell but i am pleased with what i done did.
>pour dry grits into bowl
>add garlic salt, chili powder, and black pepper
>add water
>add small amount of unsalted butter
>microwave that shit
>stir in a packet of tuna

hell yeah quick lunch because fuck actually working hard to make tasty food when i am too hungry to wait an hour.


I love cooking! Just last week i baked a lovely chocolate cake covered in a chocolate ganache. If i had the time and money i'd love to home cook everything from scratch


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I'm really good at making low calorie dishes, I guess? I don't really like cooking, tbh. I mean, I do actually enjoy the process, but for the most part, cooking just seems to add more calories than I need or want, so I never eat anything I cook. So I tend to just eat steamed veggies xD Oh, but I do bake a lot. Don't eat any of it, but I like baking cookies and then giving them away.


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I recently started to work on eating healthier. I'm not fat or unhealthy, and I'd like to stay that way. So, I've started cooking Japanese food for myself. I learned a bit in one of my college courses, and am teaching myself more. It's pretty fun! I've made simmered daikon, miso soup, udon noodles, stir-fried tofu, and etc. Right now I'm learning how to make ramen and udon noodles from scratch and then I'll move on to soba.

I've been avoiding sweet snacks and mostly snacking on squid from the local Japanese market but Chocobabies are a delicious chocolate snack too. I love the Ys Coconut drink too.

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I made Cornish Hen with roasted Garlic and fried potatoes for myself and my fiance' the other night. ♥


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A breakfast special I came up with called "the birds nest" #bestseller

-Shredded hash browns (baked potato shedded with skin and all, spread out and grilled in oil or butter).

-Make into an oval shape then fill one side of hash with cooked chopped bacon, cheese, sour cream,green onion and season with S&P.

-Fold other side of cooked/crispy shredded hash browns over contents to create a nest of stuffed deliciousness.

-Top with a poached egg and 2 tablespoons of hollandaise. Garnish with chopped Grn. onion or chives.


Not gonna go into detail on how to make hollandaise from scratch, that's what google/youtube is for people :) You can buy pre made hollandaise powder if you don't want to make it the real way btw.

EDIT: For the potato you can first microwave it from raw if you're short on time. Or just use leftover baked potatoes. The potato just has to be cooked before you shred and grill it for shredded hash browns.

FURther EDIT: Shredded hash actually turns out best if your baked potato is only par cooked, fully or over cooked potatoes will turn to mush or mashed potato consistency. If you want the texture of true shredded hash browns go with a par cooked tater.
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I made a really good and simple pasta the other day! I boiled some penne pasta. Then after straining the water, I stirred in a little extra virgin olive oil - just enough to give the pasta a mild sheen (so probably a little more than a cap full). Then I added in some Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning. This stuff is amazing, and goes good on anything! Finally I sprinkled in some crushed red pepper. I stirred the pasta after putting in each seasoning to get it flavored evenly. The result was a really savory and spicy tasting pasta!


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Last Night I made on of my favorite dishes. I call it my Power Bowl, though there are variants of this application from around the world. When I am extremely lazy, or know I not going to have time to cook in the next 24 hours, I make this the night before and eat it over the next day. Keeps you powered and going all day or is a great meal for a few people. Keto Friendly and Gluten Free

1/2 head of Green Cabbage cut into strips (noodle sized strips)
1 lb. Ground Meat/ Protein of your choice (Tofu works great in this!)
1/2 Red Onion, minced
1 Red Bell Pepper, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 1/2 Tablespoons fresh minced ginger (more or less, depends on you)
1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced (If you want more heat keep the seeds or you can leave it out completely)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup "Flavorful liquid" (Ive used chicken stock, soy sauce*, red wine, and white wine. They all turn out pretty good :p though if you are following this one closely go with the soy sauce*)
Favorite seasonings (I used Penzey's Singapore Seasoning cause its my favorite but any mix of spices works pretty good too)
Sriracha to taste (If you are into that)

To cook:
Begin by heating a large pan (I use a 3 quart saucepan but a large skillet also works) over medium heat. When hot, spray with nonstick cooking spray (away from the fire please, we don't want you to ignite,been there, done that got the t-shirt) and add the bell pepper, jalapeneo, onion, garlic, and ginger. Sweat the vegetables over medium low heat (about a 3 on my stove) until tender and you can almost see through the onion pieces. Next add your protein. If raw meat/ fish, brown the meat thoroughly and drain off the fat. There will be less fat to drain with fish and almost none if you use tofu or 95%+ fat free meat (I used 98% fat free ground chicken most recently) If tofu: cube it into manageable sizes and cook it with the vegetables for about 5-6 minutes. After the meat is browned/ tofu warmed through add the cabbage "noodles" and your flavorful liquid, put the lid on and cook until the cabbage is tender but still has some crunch (For me the magic time is about 8 minutes but it does vary). Remove from heat and viola, the power bowl is ready to be served. You can either cool it down and package it for the next day or, if you arent me/ crazy, serve it into a bowl while still warm. Top with some Sriracha and dig in! serves 3-5 people, or one person over a long period of time

*Be careful of what soy sauce you buy, some of them do contain gluten so caveat emptor