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cool classical/hiphop artist I found


Green butt of reason
I dunno. Interesting and ambitious on surface, but lack of good sampling and layering makes it sound amateurish to me - it's like they made a quick "classical"-sounding instrumental and threw some random trap beats over it without rhyme or reason.

For two good (IMO) examples of mixing classical music and hip-hop, I can think of CunningLynguists and Nujabes, one of them are a cult southern rap crew, and the other was a legendary (and sadly deceased) producer (if you watched Samurai Champloo, you may recognise him - he heavily worked on show's soundtrack). Again, what makes them good examples for me is how they mix two completely different styles into something flawlessly put together as separate, unrelated instrumental, instead of just playing one track over the other and calling it done.