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Costume Design

I have the gauntlets being made.

But there's still more that must be done! And I need your help!

Hello FA Forums' sculptors/masons/costumers! I am here to ask you to make a dream a reality! (For a price, of coarse)

What's that dream? Why, this costume design becoming something wearable! For the longest time it has been sitting dormant, but now I'm gonna be aggressive about it. there are other people I went to as well. I am here to give you guys a try, because I know a lot of you are talented at making things from foam rubber and other materials!

I'll give a reference pic right off the bat:

This is going to be a performance costume. So it needs to be durable and flexible. The shoulder pads' material is, obviously going to be foam rubber. It's light weight, flexible, durable, and lasts a long time. Not to mention easy to maintain! So that is a MUST for this costume.

The actual "armor" will vary in materials based on what you're most comfortable with. I don't have a specific preference to what I want it to be made of. But I do have one for what I don't want it to be made of: Cotton, Fleece, Denim, or Yarn. Those are off limits due to allergies, not comfortable enough, or they'll tear from use.

I need something hardy. Something that wont tear when wet, dry, hot, cold, or under a lot of pressure. The best material I'd want is Leather. If you can make the armor of leather and the shoulder pads of foam rubber, that would be ideal. The rest of the accessories on it (i.e. skulls on the chest) would be foam rubber too.

However, if you work with another material that is as durable and reliable as leather, feel free to explain it to me. I'd love to hear if there's a more breathable material that is also as sturdy as Leather XD

now, this commission wont be cheap for me. So I expect mind-blowing work. I've seen prices from 200-700 dollars for armor like mine. So i want armor that's worth 200-700 dollars! ;D

You'll notice he's got horse-like legs and a mask. Well, yes, and those are not made either, but I can only afford one piece at the moment, and the armor is the most important part.

If you can/will make this armor for me, please respond to this post, show me some examples of work you made that's similar, or even better, if you made armor like this before!

I look forward to a response, and even more-so to the final product!