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Could this become a meme?

Rap Daniel

Clever dino wizard boi
It comes from Ace Combat 6's Liberation of Gracemeria mission, where Ilya Pasternak says "I am shutting down communications." Could it be memed?
via Imgflip Meme Generator


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Loved that game. But yeah. It might be too obscure.


Lady of the lake

Bluefiremark II

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A LOT of games say things like "I'm shutting down __" or starting or whatever the heck. This *could* potentially be memed but not very hard since its an obscure not too well known game. It's more likely some other game with a similar phrase would end up working better- but even then it's unlikely.. you can never really tell what will become a popular meme format and what won't.
Actually yes. It seems to me that for something to become a meme, you need to make this a meme. Suggest it or comment using this picture, and there you’ll be so lucky. Either people will like it and they will spread it, or they will forget it right away.