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Couple picture, SFW, Budget of $100+ (Flexible!)


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I am open for traditional commissions and would love to work on your picture.

You can find my commission prices here Commission Info for Rivercoon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
For quickest communication I suggest emailing me at Rivercoon@gmail.com .




I will deliver the explosion
If you are interested: here are my prices: www.furaffinity.net: ★ 2016 Price Sheet ★ by sodabubbles

I adore the 50s and I'd love to have a go at drawing this!

And some examples:
Couple art www.furaffinity.net: [P] Marshmallow World by sodabubbles
canines (some of my fave things to draw!)--
www.furaffinity.net: [P] Memories of Home by sodabubbles
www.furaffinity.net: [P] The Call Page #6 by sodabubbles
www.furaffinity.net: [C] Beach Mutt! by sodabubbles (possibly nsfw tho nothing is showing)


boo hiss
$15 for one hour of speed painting:

$25 for five hours of speed painting:

$40 for a day of painting:

No price increase for two characters, but (other than the whole day one) the smaller speed paints may not have as much detail. You can always get the 1 hour one and then see if you need more :3 !

Bencil Art

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Hello, I'm a freelance artist and made an account just now to see if you'd be interested in hiring me. I have a facebook page under the name Bencil Art and can also be reached via BencilArt@outlook.com.
I'd love to work on this and am certain I can deliver that sort of 50s vibe that you're going for :) I'll attach some of my work so that you can decide for yourself if I'm right for the job.


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