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Coyote Yote - Appreciation Thread

Connor J. Coyote

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Anyway.... be a good Yotie Yote, now..... and - Ride Em' Cowboy ! ♥ ;)

Chillin' on a Saturday....
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Well folks, I got to thinking, lately.... :cool:

We've had some threads on here, (both now, and in the past) - appreciating foxes, raccoons, silly parrots; and even : boxes, watermelon, and corn..... and so - I figured (what the heck) - it's very *high time* and very long overdue - that this Forum board has a place for us "coyote yotes" to get our appreciation, and our love too....eh? :) :D

And so - any (and all) users (on here) are more than welcome - to feel free and show some love for the canid species - known as coyote - starting today, and going forward into the future.... and you can do this by - sharing some photos you have, sharing some interesting tid bits that you know, and even talking about some good personal experiences - that you've had with us.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, (about coyotes) also.... and - I'll try *my best* to answer it for you, (if I can). ;)

** And as we go forward - (yours truly): "Connor J. Coyote" will be at the forefront, also - of daily postings on here - (appreciating the): :cool:"Cult of Yote":cool:....

And each day - that I log on to the Forums, (when ever that is) - I'll try to add a photo or two of a coyote, (along with some information on it, if I can) - in order to show our love, respect, esteem, and admiration - of the coyote species.

Sound cool? :cool:

I think so - and so, let's enjoy this thread, just for ourselves ! ;)


:D:eek: ** Please (note): that even though my personal Fursona is a coyote yote - nothing on this thread is (or should be) about me in any way, please- just coyote yotes, in general... cool? :)

I've always been intrigued with the Mythos around the Coyote (in N. American/Native American theology).
Like the Raven/Crow, the canid version of 'The Trickster' certainly seems apropos!?
Living in rural Oregon, however?
Coyotes are serious threats to every rancher's livestock. Entire herds of sheep/goats/cows and even herds of horses, have been harassed and slaughtered/injured due to roaming packs of 'yotes.
Then, Oregon re-introduced wolves...
Just, no...
You can't keep the wild in close proximity to civilization. It's like oil and water: they don't mix.
My earliest memories, growing up in the very desert region of S. CA, out camping?

Listening to the yips and yowls of coyotes.

Thank You for bringing-back many fond memories!

Connor J. Coyote

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(And... here's another one for today)...

Well.... indeed - it could be argued (by some) that we can (sometimes) be considered a threat to livestock.... but, at other times - (some others will tell you) - that.... if you treat us right - we make awesome pets, too... ;) :cool:

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Connor J. Coyote

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Hmm... Connor J. Coyote says - *thanks* - for the above submissions, all... :) :cool:

...meanwhile - this "Coyote Yote" is wondering :

Ooh.... (it's here).... :)
*nom* *nom* *nom*

Connor J. Coyote

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And, here's another entry today... as we continue to celebrate, the "Cult of Yote"... :cool: :)

Hmm... we gotta get that last cable car- before it's too late, bros...

Canis Dirus

Extinct Pleistocene canid
Well.... indeed - it could be argued (by some) that we can (sometimes) be considered a threat to livestock.... but, at other times - (some others will tell you) - that.... if you treat us right - we make awesome pets, too... ;) :cool:

DISCLAIMER: Although it appears that Scooter is quite friendly, he only acts this way towards a few humans—primarily his caretakers who have invested (and will continue to invest) a lot of time, effort, and patience in his upbringing. To all other humans he acts like a wild animal. Coyotes do not make good pets and it is illegal to possess them without a permit.
Coyote named Scooter

Connor J. Coyote

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Well, yeah..... generally no... we don't make very good house pets.... as - we're often times seen as too feisty, too mischievous, and too tempermental - (for certain types of folks to handle).... and in turn - it's sometimes better just to leave us in our dens, and be happy amongst ourselves.

But - (often times) when you do come in contact with us - if it's in the right situation, along with the right treatment... we can certainly become quite tame, and even loving, often times....

Just so long as it's with the right individual(s) :

► We're a bit of an insular race at times, too - meaning that only a select few individuals, (outside of our mate's and our families) - do we have any type of bonded, close relationships with... even though (generally speaking) - we can make awesome and cooperative neighbors, for just about any other Fur, as we often times largely keep to ourselves, when ever needed.


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This thread is awesome.
As a thank you, have this good boy.

Slytherin Umbreon

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Here's a reward for all you good Yotes out there!

And here's a reward for all you bad Yotes!