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Coyote Yote - Appreciation Thread

Connor J. Coyote

Well-Known Member
Yotie yote close up. :cool:

Connor J. Coyote

Well-Known Member
Heh.... well, it is indeed a new year, and thus - time for some new entries on this thread.... as we continue to appreciate, (and honor) the - "Cult of ¥ote" :cool: .
Happiest of New Year's to you all..... on New Year's Eve - the local coyote, (and the local bartender named Joe), threw one heck of a party, I hear.... ;)

Canis Dirus

Extinct Pleistocene canid


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Connor J. Coyote

Well-Known Member
Cable Car Yote... :cool:

(One of my favorite Yotie-yotes took a ride on the cable car today, (after doing some shopping in Union Square).... and - just as he reached the top of the Powell Street hill, (and was about to go into Russian Hill) - he stopped off at "Top of the Mark" - for its killer happy hour, and a spot of supper.

Eh.... star gazing at the docks of Aquatic Park - can wait another hour, he figured. ☺